Accessing the data

All available MCS data can be accessed through the UK Data Service at the University of Essex.

Data from the Age 14 MCS data collection is expected to be available from the UK Data Service in February / March 2017.

The following page on the UK Data Service website lists the available data, under the different licences, some data is also listed under related resources, this is mostly data deposited other than by CLS.

Data is available for the primary data collections from birth until the most recent data collection. The longitudinal family file contains basic information on outcomes by data collections and weights. Information on geography at time fo interview is also available, as is linked data on educational outcomes.

More detailed information on the contents of the data and its collection can be found on the Surveys and Documentation pages.

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Tell us about your research

We ask researchers to contact us whenever they publish research using the cohort data. With up-to-date records, we can help other researchers avoid duplication and also demonstrate to funders how useful the data is to the research community.

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