The age 3 survey of the MCS (2004-05)


The contract for the second survey of the Millennium Cohort was awarded to the same consortium, headed by CLS, which conducted the original survey.  With this first follow-up of the cohort, the study became truly longitudinal. The funding was once again provided by the ESRC and a consortium of Government Departments.

The second sweep took place with the children at around 3 years of age. Fieldwork was conducted by NOP.  It started in September 2003 in England and Wales, and December 2003 in Scotland and Northern Ireland.   Fieldwork finished in April 2005.

The content and scope of these follow-up surveys was worked out by an interdisciplinary group of researchers, again co-ordinated at CLS, in consultation with other academics and government departments.

A consultative conference to discuss the topics for the second sweep was held at the Institute of Education on April 22nd 2002.

The aim of the second survey was to see where the conditions of the first Sweep had led, and also to lay further foundations for use in the understanding of the cohort members' later lives.

The data was deposited at the UK Data Archive in the summer of 2006, and is now available for download.

Briefing papers relating to the results published in the MCS2 User Guide can be found in the Publications section of this website.