Supervision and training

CLS provides high quality supervision from experts in their field. Full-time students can expect to meet with their supervisor at least once per fortnight. Where appropriate we can operate a system of joint supervision with other departments within the UCL Institute of Education to ensure appropriate expertise is provided.

What training is available?

PhD students at CLS have access to an extensive range of courses in research design and data analysis. They also benefit from studying alongside a team who are actively working on running three British birth cohort studies.

There are a number of pathways towards obtaining a PhD. Those funded under the ESRC studentship scheme, who are working within the Quantitative Methods cluster have three main pathways for postgraduate training: Economic and Social Statistics in Education; Policy Analysis and Evaluation, Longitudinal Analysis and Design.

Further information is available about this training in the ESRC studentships guidelines (PDF).

What facilities are available to PhD students at CLS?

In addition to a friendly and supportive research environment, PhD students are provided with shared office space with access to a phone, PCs and printers. PhD offices are integrated alongside those of research staff to encourage and facilitate interaction.

As a PhD student at CLS you will also form part of a larger body of postgraduate students within the Doctoral School at the UCL Institute of Education.