Rural-urban analysis: A social profile of rural England and Wales

A social profile of rural England and Wales

CLS was approached by the Rural Evidence Research Centre (RERC), on behalf of DEFRA, to use longitudinal studies to analyse social change in rural England. It was decided that secondary analysis was appropriate, and four national longitudinal datasets were selected for study: the ONS Longitudinal Study (ONS-LS), the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS), the British Cohort Study (BCS70) and the National Child Development Study (NCDS).

The 2004 definition of rural areas of England and Wales was a joint project of DEFRA, ONS, the Countryside Agency and the Welsh Assembly Government, delivered in its final form by the RERC. In the studies managed by CLS (MCS, BCS70 and NCDS), the ward-level classification was used. Further information on the definition and the methodology.

At present, we are analysing the ONS-LS and MCS. We hope to extend the study to the other two cohort studies if time allows. Current reports and presentations.