What works for wellbeing cross-cutting capabilities evidence programme

The Centre for Longitudinal Studies forms part of the What Works for WellBeing Cross-Cutting Capabilities evidence programme, which is led by Professor Richard Layard (LSE). CLS’s contribution is led by Professor Alissa Goodman.

CLS will host a workshop (November 2016) on using the CLS and other birth cohort studies for the analysis of well-being, and will undertake research including:

  1. an analysis of how well-being and mental health have changed across generations, and;
  2. analysis of how policies and events taking place at a national and local level contribute to child well-being, using new data from the Millennium Cohort Study at age 14.
CLS contact

Alissa Goodman,

Principal Investigator, National Child Development Study

Alissa is an economist whose main research interests relate to inequality, poverty, education policy, and the intergenerational transmission of health and well-being. Email Alissa

Project team

Alissa Goodman, CLS

Emla Fitzsimons, CLS

George Ploubidis, CLS

Praveetha Patalay, CLS


June 2015 - June 2018