NCDS Age 60 Survey

The tenth wave of the National Child Development Study (1958 British birth cohort) will take place in 2018 when the cohort members are aged 60.

The Age 60 survey provides the opportunity to collect a range of information from study members to aid the understanding of ageing across multiple life domains and its lifetime determinants, and help to identify effective policy intervention.

This data collection will build upon the extensive data collected from birth and across the lifetime of study members. The data will be of interest to researchers working in a wide range of disciplines, including population health and epidemiology, economics, sociology, demography, psychology and others. It has the potential to inform a wide range of policies including relating to work, health, relationships, and civic participation.

The Age 60 survey will involve a 75 minute face-to-face interview which will cover the following three broad themes:

  • Health, well-being and cognition: including topics such as physical health, mental health, medical care, health behaviours (e.g. smoking, drinking, diet, exercise), cognitive function.
  • Finances and employment: including topics such as work, income, wealth (savings and debts, pensions, and housing), retirement plans and education.
  • Family, relationships and identity: including topics such as social networks, relationships with partners, parents, children, friends, neighbourhood, social capital, social and political participation, attitudes and values, and religion.