Social Mobility: Cross Cohort Research Programme

Changing inequalities over time, and the social consequences of inequality, are highly contested questions of great policy relevance. One important aspect of inequality is the extent to which economic position is transmitted across generations, and the British cohort studies have been used extensively to document and compare rates of social mobility, generating extensive political debate. From a policy perspective, understanding the mechanisms underlying social mobility is at least as important as knowing how rates of social mobility have changed (or not) over time, and the cohort studies by their very nature offer huge potential in this regard.

The social mobility strand contains three inter-related projects on wealth in childhood and adulthood, mechanisms and consequences of social mobility, and educational and occupational aspirations. Together, the findings from these projects will inform public policy by providing a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying social mobility processes.

Social Mobility individual projects:

  1. Parent's wealth in childhood and its relationship with children's development (Project lead: Ludovica Gambaro)
  2. Social mobility mechanisms and consequences (Project lead: Alice Sullivan)
  3. Education and occupational aspirations (Project lead: Lucinda Platt, LSE)

CCRP: 1 April 2015 - 31 March 2018 Individual projects: 1 July 2015- 31 March 2018

Social Mobility research team:

  • Alice Sullivan (Social Mobility strand project lead, CLS)
  • Alissa Goodman (CLS)
  • Ludovica Gambaro (CLS)
  • Morag Henderson (CLS)
  • Praveetha Patalay (CLS)
  • George Ploubidis (CLS)
  • David Bann (CLS)
  • Wider research team:

  • Lucinda Platt (LSE)
  • Chris Bonnell (LSHTM)