BCS70 2016-17 Survey

The BCS70 2016-17 Survey began in July 2016 and fieldwork will end in December 2017.




The follow-up will involve a 90 minute home visit from a nurse interviewer which will comprise of:

a)  45 minute core interview (covering socio-economic circumstances, health and associated risk factors)

b)  Cognitive assessments

c)  Anthropometric measurements (height, weight, body-fat, waist/hip circumference)

d)  Blood pressure measurement

e) Grip strength assessment

f)   Balance assessment

g)  Blood sample collection

h)  Paper self-completion questionnaire

i)   Placement of an activity monitor

i)   Online dietary diary


The data will be available from the UK Data Service late in 2018.


Fieldwork is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Medical Research Council and the British Heart Foundation.

Fast facts:

  • Survey age: Age 46-47
  • Survey year: 2016-17
  • Response: tbc
  • PI: Alice Sullivan, IOE
  • Fieldwork agency: NatCen
  • Funder: ESRC, MRC, British Heart Foundation