Next Steps (LSYPE) age 25 survey consultation

The Next Steps Age 25 Survey pilot study has now been completed. A total of 96 interviews were completed, 35 via web, 33 via telephone and 28 face-to-face, ensuring that the questionnaire was thoroughly tested in all three modes that will be used in the main stage.

The questionnaire was found to work well but we received useful feedback from interviewers and participants that will enable us to further improve the questionnaire prior to the main stage of data collection.

The pilot questionnaire was however found to be too long. The target interview length for the main stage is 45 minutes - but on average pilot interviews took around 15 minutes longer than this meaning that a fairly substantial number of cuts will need to be made to the questionnaire.

The Next Steps team here at CLS have reviewed the questionnaire and identified 15 minutes worth of cuts. The questionnaire available on this page indicates our implemented cuts. In addition, a summary document provides an at-a-glance summary of the cuts.

Final decisions regarding cuts and other amendments to the questionnaire will be made by the Next Steps team following the consultation. The final version of the questionnaire to be used for the main stage of data collection will be made available next year.

CLS is currently undertaking the eighth survey (July 2015 - May 2016), when the cohort members are 25 years old.