MCS age 14 survey consultation

CLS developed the content of the age 14 survey of the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS), which was conducted in 2015. Age 14 marks a major transition in the cohort members’ lives and has the potential to be a particularly important and illuminating stage of the study. We are seeking input from academics, policy makers and other stakeholders at key points during the development process. 

Next steps: Draft survey instruments

Following the consultative conference in March 2013, we consulted on draft parent and cohort member questionnaires.

Your comments enabled us to refine the survey instruments and develop versions that was piloted in early 2014. 

Young person questionnaire

This is the first time we interviewed the young people directly. The draft young person questionnaire covers content for both the direct interview and the computer-assisted self-completion. There were also additional elements, such as height weight and cognitive assessments, and a separate time diary.

The questionnaire was slightly longer than the 40 minutes we had for it in total, but we attempted to reflect the full range of potential content at this stage.

Parent questionnaire

The parent questionnaire builds on previous surveys but is substantially shorter this time, as much of the focus has now moved to the child. It again includes a self-completion element.

We greatly appreciated your comments on both the draft questionnaires. In particular, we welcomed your feedback on the overall balance of coverage, the nature and appropriateness of the content, and the balance between the parent and child instruments. 

Please note whether they apply to the child or the parent questionnaire and specify the question name or number. 

Consultation timetable in brief

  • October 2011 – key survey themes identified
  • December 2012 – March 2013 – initial submissions
  • 27 March 2013 – consultative conference
  • 18 July-14 August – consultation on draft questionnaires
  • August 2013-March 2014 – development of instruments and first pilot
  • April-May 2014 – post-pilot 1 consultation 
  • July-August 2014 – pilot 2
  • September-October 2014 – post-pilot 2 consultation
  • January 2015 – fieldwork begins

For more information on topics discussed at the conference, you can download the presentations on the right and notes on the discussion.