Citing cohort data in research outputs

Acknowledgement of Use of cohort data and appropriate reference

Bibliographic Citation

Use of the cohort data is covered by the UK Data Service End User Licence.

"All works which use or refer to these materials should acknowledge these sources by means of bibliographic citation. To ensure that such source attributions are captured for bibliographic indexes, citations must appear in footnotes or in the reference section of publications."

All data files used in the analysis should be cited. All cohort data now have DOI references, called Persistent Identifiers. The appropriate form appears in the Bibliographic citation section of the Study information and citation document that accompanies each dataset or bundle of datasets i.e. per UK Data Service SN. This can be found in the Study Description section of the appropriate SN if it was not downloaded.

As an example for the first sweep of MCS this is:

University of London. UCL Institute of Education. Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Millennium Cohort Study: First Survey, 2001-2003 [computer file]. 6th Edition. Colchester, Essex: UK Data Archive [distributor], March 2007. SN: 4683.


There should also be an acknowledgement, an appropriate forms of words for this would be:

“I am grateful to The Centre for Longitudinal Studies, UCL Institute of Education for the use of these data and to the UK Data Archive and UK Data Service for making them available. However, they bear no responsibility for the analysis or interpretation of these data.”