Technical Reports

Technical Report on Fieldwork

The central objective of this technical report is to document NOP's contribution to the second sweep.  It contains the following information:

  • Development work undertaken to prepare the second sweep, which included a pilot survey and dress rehearsal
  • The sample design and the procedures for respondent selection
  • Summary of the final survey instrumentation
  • How the fieldwork was conducted
  • The progress of fieldwork, quality control thereof and issues which arose during this phase
  • The verification of information on the achieved sample and the dispatch of thank you letters to respondents
  • Survey response
  • Procedures for coding, editing and preparation of the data

Documents used in the fieldwork are to be found in the Appendix.

Technical Report on Response

This is the first edition of a report on response in the Millennium Cohort Study as it progresses from sweep two onwards. This edition includes material just for sweep two and covers the evolution of the population and sample after sweep one, information about families who were included in the study for the first time at sweep two, and response rates for sweep two.