The age 9-months survey of the MCS (2001-02)


The first MCS survey took place between June 2001 and September 2002 in England and Wales and between September 2001 and January 2003 in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Interviews were carried out with 18552 families including mothers and (where resident) fathers or father figures of nearly 19000 babies at 9 months of age. A structured interview was conducted with each parent by Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI). A Computer Aided Self-completion Interview (CASI) was also administered.

Fieldwork for the first survey was carried out by the National Centre for Survey Research in Great Britain. In Northern Ireland the fieldwork was sub-contracted to the Northern Ireland Statistical Research Agency (NISRA).

The project has produced a multi-purpose, multi-disciplinary dataset, now available to the research community via the ESRC Data Archive. The documentation which accompanied this deposit is available from this site, including the questionnaires, guide to the dataset and technical reports on the fieldwork and sampling.

Preliminary results from MCS1 can be found by downloading the MCS1 –Users Guide to Initial Findings from this page.