Data notes

Data notes for the age 26 survey only:

There were no data notes written specifically in relation to the BCS 1996 Survey.  

Other data notes relevant to the age 26 survey of the BCS70:

Research on health and health behaviours based on the 1970 British Cohort Study

This review covers research using information from the childhood waves of BCS70 (birth to 16 years) as either health outcomes or as predictors of later health outcomes. This paper will serve as a useful entry point for researchers investigating the extant literature on health using BCS70 data.

Rationalising BCS70 Case Identifiers

The 1999/2000 data note on rationalising case identifiers did have an impact, in that the BCS 1986 survey data were re-deposited at the UK Data Archive in December 2002 to incorporate the cleaning that had been done. 

This enabled all sweeps to be linked longitudinally using the case identifier KEY instead of the now-defunct BCS70 serial number.