There was just one postal questionnaire, covering the following areas:

Views on:

sex equality
law and order
traditional marital values
standard of living
life satisfaction
feels in control of life

Information on:

Training, qualifications, skills
date left school
date left full-time education
nature and number of training courses
nature and number of academic and vocational qualifications obtained
self-perceived skills
Number of jobs
Number of periods unemployed
Length of longest period of unemployment
Number/nature of periods out of the labour force
Current economic status
Details of any current job/employer:
year jon started
job title
work done
nature of employers business
number of employees
number supervised
average weekly hours
usual take home pay
Relationships marriage and children
currently in a relationship
current situation
marital status
date of (most recent) marriage
when started living with any partner
economic status of partner
has current partner children from a previous relationship
number of children
whether current partner is the other parent of some/all children
do all children live with CM
household composition
year began living at current address
number of rooms in accommodation
self-assessement of general health
experience since 16 of 20 conditions/symptoms
eyesight problems
details of accidents/injuries/assualts since 16
long term health problems
drinking and smoking habits
Malaise Inventory - depression
voting intentions
religious affiliation