In addition to the main BCS70 follow-ups, there have been five BCS70 Special Sub-Studies where additional data has been gathered for samples of cohort members selected for their particular characteristics or circumstances.

A summary of the BCS70 Sub-Studies is given below.

BCS70 Sub-Studies

Year Survey Cohort age Survey instrument/Other data Cases
1972 22 month Survey 22 months 22 month questionnaire 2457
1972/73 SW Region Survey 2-3 yrs SW Region questionnaire 95% of CMs in SW 
1974 42 month Survey 42 months 42 month questionnaire 2315
1977 Seven-year Survey 7 Seven-year questionnaire 4760


Twenty-one year
Sample Survey
21 Contact and Outcome Sheet
Your Life Self-completion
Your Views Self-completion
Literacy and Numeracy Assessments

The data from the 22-month survey was deposited at the UK Data Archive along with the Birth Survey data as a composite dataset.

The 42-month survey and the 21-year sample survey are available from the Archive as separately documented datasets.

The 7-year survey was not deposited with the Archive at the time, because funding was not available for the necessary cleaning and documentation.  But it is planned to clean, document and deposit this dataset in the near future.

The South-West Regional Survey was not deposited at the UK Data Archive. Users interested in the dataset should contact the User Support Group.