BCS70 Age 16 survey (1986)

The BCS70 Age 16 survey took place between March 1986 and December 1986 and was conducted by the International Centre for Child Studies (ICCS).


11,622 cohort members took part in total.


The age 16 follow-up was comprised of numerous elements including a parental interview, a parental self-completion questionnaire, a medical examination, educational assessments, a pupil self-completion questionnaire, a teacher questionnaire, a head-teacher questionnaire and two diaries covering leisure activitites and diet.

More information about the coverage of each element of the survey and the downloadable questionnaires are provided here. A full description of the design of the Age 16 survey is provided here.


The data are available from the UK Data Service.  Guidance on how to use the data is provided here.


Fieldwork was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Fast facts:

  • Survey age: Age 16
  • Survey year: March 1986 and December 1986
  • Response: 11,622
  • UK Data Service reference code: 6095
  • PI: ICCS
  • Funder: ESRC