NCDS8 (2008)

NCDS 2008 Follow-up

2008 was a particularly symbolic year for the National Child Development Study as cohort members turned 50! Fieldwork for the 50th anniversary study began in August 2008 and ran until Spring 2009. 

The study was comprised of:

• A 60 minute CAPI interview (which included a series of memory and concentration tasks and a 10 minute self-completion section)

• A 16 page self-completion questionnaire which was mailed to all cohort members before their interview.
The core aim was to update the social, economic and health information collected in 2004 but new areas of data collection included more detailed questions about the care needs of cohort members’ parents; a new module covering symptoms of the menopause and a module featuring a series of cognitive ability tests. The AUDIT test replaced CAGE as a measure of problem drinking.

The CAPI interview and paper questionnaire were both subjected to two rounds of testing.  An initial pilot with members of the public who were of a similar age to the cohort members took place in November / December 2007.  This was followed by a full dress rehearsal which took place in March / April 2008.

Fieldwork began in August 2008 and ran until May 2009.

The full dataset is now available for download from the UK Data Service.