Besides the main NCDS follow-ups, the Data Archive also hold data from a number of NCDS Special Sub-studies where additional information has been gathered from samples of cohort members selected for their particular characteristics or circumstances.

A summary of the NCDS Sub-study data available for secondary analysis through the Data Archive is given below.

NCDS Sub-study data available from the ESRC Data Archive

Year Survey Cohort Age Survey Instrument/Other Data
1976 Handicapped School Leavers 18 Interview Survey
1978 Feasibility Study for NCDS4 20 Interview Survey
1978 Smoking Survey 20 Self-Completion Questionnaire
1995 Sample Survey of Basic Skills 37 Questionnaire and Skills Assessments
2011 Understanding Individual Behaviour 53 Interview Survey

There were further sub-studies which were not deposited at the Archive.   Details are available from the User Support Group.