Registered PhD students

Current students

Nicola Bailey - "A case study evaluation of extended schooling provision".

Stuart Campbell - "Over-education among A8 migrants in the UK".

Tammy Campbell - "Quantitative investigations into childhood, development, and early outcomes".

John Carpentieri - "Physical activity, ageing, identity and health".

Annika Coughlin - "Mature students and their pathways into Higher Education: a mixed methods investigation using the 1958 British Birth Cohort Study". 

Andriy Dubovyk – “A secondary analysis of the impact of conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa”.

Liz Fearon – “Friendship patterns and sexual behavior amongst young women in South Africa”.

Elizabeth Germana - "The effects of the quality of childcare settings on cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes".

Jen-Ying Li – “Adolescents in Poverty and Secondary School Education in Taiwan”.

William Parry – “Investigating the links between childhood exercise experiences and adult exercise behaviour”.

Sarah Richard – “Narratives of Belonging: Kinship discussions in families with children adopted from China”.

Rukmen Sehmi - “The role of biculturalism in shaping psychological wellbeing in ethnic minority students: Evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study”.

Nicola Shackleton – “A cross cohort investigation of obesity”.

Claire Tyler - "Fair access to professional careers".

Michael Tzanakis – “Expectations to enter higher education using LSYPE”.

Laura Whittle – “Growing up in Essex in the 1980s - Class, Culture and Education”.


Recently completed PhDs:

Andrew Cullis - "Neighbourhood and wellbeing in the early years".

Donna Joseph - "Technology used by children to complement financial partnerships with parents".

Emily Midouhas - "School experiences and educational attainment for children in rural compared with urban settings".

Jenny Neuburger - "Gender wage inequalities over the life course and across cohort".

Joan Wilson - "Mobility and school choice in England".