Healthy lifestyles: Cross Cohort Research Programme

Health related lifestyle, which includes behaviours such as physical activity, dietary habits, smoking and alcohol use, is a focal area for policy intervention, given the well documented association of these behaviours with various health outcomes. It is also well known that these behaviours are themselves influenced by social, economic, demographic and structural factors. Health related behaviour is widely considered to be modifiable, and has been cited alongside educational opportunities, income distribution and access to healthcare as an important area where population based interventions may improve health outcomes by shifting the distribution of risk and reduce the burden on national health budgets. 

In this research strand we will use rich longitudinal cohort studies that contain data from early childhood through adolescence (Millennium Cohort Study), midlife (1970 British Cohort Study) and later midlife (1958 National Child Development Study), in addition to a cohort followed from adolescence through to mid-twenties (Next Steps), to understand the determinants and consequences of health related behaviour across the life course.

The overarching aim of this strand is to describe lifelong trajectories of health related behaviour and understand the factors that contribute to these at different stages of the life course and across different sections of society. In this way we will provide evidence as to what factors are likely to lead to behaviour change, and at which stage of life, in order to inform policies to promote healthy behaviours.

Healthy Lifestyles individual projects:

  1. Intergenerational influences on physical activity (Project Lead: George Ploubidis)
  2. Parental working hours and the prevalence of obesity (Project Lead: Emla Fitzsimons)
  3. Childhood mental health trajectories (Project Lead: Alissa Goodman)
  4. Alcohol use across the life course and its links with health and wellbeing (Project Lead: Jennifer Maggs)

CCRP: 1 April 2015 - 31 March 2018 Individual projects: 1 July 2015- 31 March 2018

Healthy lifestyles research team at CLS:

George Ploubidis (PI and Health strand project lead)

Alissa Goodman (Co-I)

Emla Fitzsimons (Co-I)

Ludovica Gambaro

Praveetha Patalay

David Bann

Wider research team:

Jennifer Maggs (Penn State)

Jeremy Staff (Penn State)

Chris Bonnell (LSHTM)

Mark Hamer (Co-I, Loughborough)