Data notes

The following data notes are available for the MCS2 (age 3) survey:

MCS data note 2013/1: Interpreting test scores

This data note presents an overview of the MCS variables covering performance on standardised tests in sweep two (age 3), sweep three (age 5) and sweep four (age7) of the survey and aims to aid the analyst in successfully utilising these measures in their research. Three suites of tests are described: The British Ability Scales (used at sweeps 2, 3 and 4), The Bracken School Readiness Assessment and the NFER Progress in Maths Test. 

MCS data note 2012/1: The home learning environment as measured at age 3

This data note provides detail on the questions and general findings relating to the home learning environment index (HLE index) in the MCS age 3 survey. In 2008, Melhuish et al. investigated the influence of aspects of home environment on literacy and numeracy achievement at two points: school entry and the end of the third year of school. Six of the seven activities used in their HLE index were collected during the MCS age 3 survey.