Consultancy services

The CLS team has extensive experience in the design, conduct and analysis of cohort and longitudinal studies. We offer a range of consultancy services in the areas listed below.

Our areas of expertise:

  • methods for analysing longitudinal data
  • design of cohort studies, including sampling methods
  • maintenance of longitudinal studies
  • questionnaire design
  • different methods of data collection, including the use of web-based technology and mixed modes
  • surveying children
  • engaging participants
  • maximising response (as well as dealing with non-response and attrition)
  • fieldwork management.

In addition to the above, individual members of our staff have considerable expertise in a wide variety of substantive topics, including child poverty, child development, gender and employment, economics, education and skills, health and wellbeing, and ageing.


If you would like to consult us in the areas listed, please write to Gabrielle d'Ayr at, providing as much information as you can about your area of interest.