At Age 11 information was gathered from the cohort members’ parents or guardians by Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) interview and Computer Self-Interviewing (CASI) self-completion.

In addition the cohort child did three cognitive assessments and had three physical measurements taken. They also completed their own questionnaire booklet.

Class teachers in England and Wales were sent a postal questionnaire after the household interview.

The main elements were:

Main Respondent (65 minutes)

Household Questionnaire
Family Context
Education and Schooling
Child and Family Activities and Child’s Behaviour
Parenting Activities
Child’s Health
Parent’s Health
Employment, Income and Education
Housing and Local area
Other Matters

Partner Respondent (25 minutes)

Family Context
Parenting Activities
Parent’s Health
Employment, Income and Education
Other Matters

Proxy Partner Questionnaire (6 minutes)

Family Context
Parent’s Health
Employment, Income and Education
Other Matters

Child Assessments (25 minutes)

British Ability Scales: Verbal Similarities
CANTAB Spatial Working Memory (Memory task)
CANTAB Cambridge Gambling Task (Decision making task)

Child Physical Measurements (10 minutes)

Body Fat Percentage

Child Questionnaire (30 minutes)

Activities outside school
Internet & social networking
Life satisfaction, happiness &self esteem,
Fiends & unsupervised time
Pocket money, family financial position & materialism
Anti social behaviours
Secondary school
Other children (incl. bullying)
Risky behaviours (incl. smoking & alcohol) 
Mental health
Future ambitions

Teacher Questionnaire (15 minutes)

Child’s abilities & attitude to school 
Suspension & truancy
CM profile (including EAL, SEN, help & support, peers, bullying
Move to secondary school
Future education
Class groupings & setting
Child’s class
Teacher profile