News - January 2011

  • Professor Lucinda Platt has just joined CLS as the new Principal Investigator (PI) of the Millennium Cohort Study. She is taking over from Heather Joshi who has been Director of the study since its inception. She will pick up work on the fifth survey of the children and their parents, which will...

  • The Centre for Longitudinal Studies is now on Twitter! For up to date information on CLS news, events, press coverage on the National Child Development Study, British Cohort Study and Millennium Cohort Study plus other updates from the world of social science please follow us here...

  • Professor Heather Joshi and Lisa Calderwood are sharing expertise and experience from the Millennium Cohort Study with the German and French cohort studies.

  • A new CLS Working Paperexaminesthe implications different methods of collecting and reporting income may have for measuring poverty, by reference to the Millennium Cohort Study income data.

  • Nick Clegg today launched a report The Home Front, produced by the think tank Demos, which explores the influences and pressures on today's families and the interdependent relationships within them,drawing onresearch based on the Millennium Cohort Study and British Cohort Study 1970.

  • Research based on the Millennium Cohort Study looks at how much a child's physical activity can be predicted by parental income and education, health behaviours and parents playing with them.

  • Bristol University Centre for Market and Public Organisation have produced a report based on the Millennium Cohort Study, which provides valuable supporting evidence to the Government-commissioned Independent Review on Poverty and Life Chances.