Publication of MCS2 User Guide to Initial Findings

11 June 2007

CLS has published a thirteen chapter report of initial findings from the Second Survey of the Millennium Cohort.

Millennium Cohort Study Second Survey: A User's Guide to Initial Findings provides a comprehensive snapshot of the life of more than 15,000 children and their families. It covers the three-year-olds' physical and cognitive development, the family circumstances, and parenting, and provides detailed information on the health of the children and their parents.

It is also designed to encourage further research on the datasets, available from the Economic and Social Data Service. The findings are preliminary in that the potential for analysis across subject areas and across surveys has not yet been fully developed.

CLS has today also published 12 short briefing documents on key topics that the second survey addressed:

  1. Cognitive development
  2. Housing, neighbourhood and community
  3. Family demographics
  4. Grandparents
  5. Parenting
  6. Child health
  7. Child behaviour
  8. Parental health and well-being
  9. Employment and education
  10. Poverty
  11. Childcare
  12. Childhood obesity

Seven press releases have also been issued to mark the publication of the User Guide. They are targeted at the media in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as England.