New editions of MCS datasets released

20 August 2012


New editions of the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) datasets for the first four surveys are now available from the Economic and Social Data Service.

SN 4683 Age 9-months survey (2001-02)

Interviews were carried out with 18,552 families at age 9 months, resulting in a multi-purpose, multi-disciplinary dataset. For more information and resources, visit the MCS1 survey page.

SN 5350 Age 3 survey of the MCS (2004-05)

The aim of the age 3 survey was to see where the conditions of the first survey had led, and also to lay further foundations for use in the understanding of the cohort members’ later lives. For more information and resources, visit the MCS2 survey page.

SN 5795 Age 5 survey of the MCS (2006)

Data was gathered from 15,246 families at age 5. Information was also collected from schools on the child’s first full year. For more information and resources, visit the MCS3 survey page.

SN 6411 Age 7 survey of the MCS (2008)

Over 13,800 families took part in the age of 7 survey. More than 8,800 families participated in England, over 2000 in Wales, over 1600 in Scotland and 1300 in Northern Ireland. For more information and resources, visit the MCS4 survey page.


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