Y - Self Completion

Self Completion
N8SCNCHKWhether name on self completion matches that on address db
N8SCQ1A[Q1A] SC: Play sport or go walking or swimming
N8SCQ1B[Q1B] SC: Go to watch live sport
N8SCQ1C[Q1C] SC: Go to the cinema
N8SCQ1D[Q1D] SC: Go to a concert, theatre or other live performance
N8SCQ1E[Q1E] SC: Have a meal in a restaurant, cafe or pub
N8SCQ1F[Q1F] SC: Go for a drink at a pub or club
N8SCQ1G[Q1G] SC: Work in the garden
N8SCQ1H[Q1H] SC: Do DIY, home maintenance or car repairs
N8SCQ1I[Q1I] SC: Attend leis act grps e.g. eve class, keep fit, yoga etc
N8SCQ1J[Q1J] SC: Attend meetings for local groups / voluntary orgs
N8SCQ1K[Q1K] SC: Do unpaid voluntary work
N8SCQ1L[Q1L] SC: Visit friends or relations or have them visit you
N8SCQ2A[Q2A] SC: I am the life of the party
N8SCQ2B[Q2B] SC: I feel little concern for others
N8SCQ2C[Q2C] SC: I am always prepared
N8SCQ2D[Q2D] SC: I get stressed out easily
N8SCQ2E[Q2E] SC: I have a rich vocabulary
N8SCQ2F[Q2F] SC: I don't talk a lot
N8SCQ2G[Q2G] SC: I am interested in people
N8SCQ2H[Q2H] SC: I leave my belongings around
N8SCQ2I[Q2I] SC: I am relaxed most of the time
N8SCQ2J[Q2J] SC: I have difficulty understanding abstract ideas
N8SCQ2K[Q2K] SC: I feel comfortable around people
N8SCQ2L[Q2L] SC: I insult people
N8SCQ2M[Q2M] SC: I pay attention to details
N8SCQ2N[Q2N] SC: I worry about things
N8SCQ2O[Q2O] SC: I have a vivid imagination
N8SCQ2P[Q2P] SC: I keep in the background
N8SCQ2Q[Q2Q] SC: I sympathise with others' feelings
N8SCQ2R[Q2R] SC: I make a mess of things
N8SCQ2S[Q2S] SC: I seldom feel blue
N8SCQ2T[Q2T] SC: I am not interested in abstract ideas
N8SCQ2U[Q2U] SC: I start conversations
N8SCQ2V[Q2V] SC: I am not interested in other people's problems
N8SCQ2W[Q2W] SC: I get chores done right away
N8SCQ2X[Q2X] SC: I am easily disturbed
N8SCQ2Y[Q2Y] SC: I have excellent ideas
N8SCQ2Z[Q2Z] SC: I have little to say
N8SCQ2AA[Q2AA] SC: I have a soft heart
N8SCQ2BB[Q2BB] SC: I often forget to put things back in their proper place
N8SCQ2CC[Q2CC] SC: I get upset easily
N8SCQ2DD[Q2DD] SC: I do not have a good imagination
N8SCQ2EE[Q2EE] SC: I talk to a lot of different people at parties
N8SCQ2FF[Q2FF] SC: I am not really interested in others
N8SCQ2GG[Q2GG] SC: I like order
N8SCQ2HH[Q2HH] SC: I change my mood a lot
N8SCQ2II[Q2II] SC: I am quick to understand things
N8SCQ2JJ[Q2JJ] SC: I don't like to draw attention to myself
N8SCQ2KK[Q2KK] SC: I take time out for others
N8SCQ2LL[Q2LL] SC: I shirk my duties
N8SCQ2MM[Q2MM] SC: I have frequent mood swings
N8SCQ2NN[Q2NN] SC: I use difficult words
N8SCQ2OO[Q2OO] SC: I don't mind being the centre of attention
N8SCQ2PP[Q2PP] SC: I feel others' emotions
N8SCQ2QQ[Q2QQ] SC: I follow a schedule
N8SCQ2RR[Q2RR] SC: I get irritated easily
N8SCQ2SS[Q2SS] SC: I spend time reflecting on things
N8SCQ2TT[Q2TT] SC: I am quiet around strangers
N8SCQ2UU[Q2UU] SC: I make people feel at ease
N8SCQ2VV[Q2VV] SC: I am exacting in my work
N8SCQ2WW[Q2WW] SC: I often feel blue
N8SCQ2XX[Q2XX] SC: I am full of ideas
N8SCQ3A[Q3A] SC: I've been feeling optimistic about the future
N8SCQ3B[Q3B] SC: I've been feeling useful
N8SCQ3C[Q3C] SC: I've been feeling relaxed
N8SCQ3D[Q3D] SC: I've been feeling interested in other people
N8SCQ3E[Q3E] SC: I've had energy to spare
N8SCQ3F[Q3F] SC: I've been dealing with problems well
N8SCQ3G[Q3G] SC: I've been thinking clearly
N8SCQ3H[Q3H] SC: I've been feeling good about myself
N8SCQ3I[Q3I] SC: I've been feeling close to other people
N8SCQ3J[Q3J] SC: I've been feeling confident
N8SCQ3K[Q3K] SC: I've been able to make up my own mind about things
N8SCQ3L[Q3L] SC: I've been feeling loved
N8SCQ3M[Q3M] SC: I've been interested in new things
N8SCQ3N[Q3N] SC: I've been feeling cheerful
N8SCQ4A[Q4A] SC: Vig activities-run, lifting heavy obj, strenuous sports
N8SCQ4B[Q4B] SC: Mod activities-moving table, pushing vac, bowling, golf
N8SCQ4C[Q4C] SC: Lifting or carrying groceries
N8SCQ4D[Q4D] SC: Climbing several flights of stairs
N8SCQ4E[Q4E] SC: Climbing one flight of stairs
N8SCQ4F[Q4F] SC: Bending, kneeling or stooping
N8SCQ4G[Q4G] SC: Walking more than one mile
N8SCQ4H[Q4H] SC: Walking half a mile
N8SCQ4I[Q4I] SC: Walking 100 yards
N8SCQ4J[Q4J] SC: Bathing or dressing yourself
N8SCQ5A[Q5A] SC: Health led to less time on work/activities in past 4wks
N8SCQ5B[Q5B] SC: Phys Hlth led to accomplish less than liked in lst 4 wks
N8SCQ5C[Q5C] SC: Health limited work/activit type able to do in past 4wks
N8SCQ5D[Q5D] SC: Phys health led to difficulties work/activ in past 4 wks
N8SCQ6A[Q6A] SC: Emo probs led less time spent on work/activ in past 4wks
N8SCQ6B[Q6B] SC: Emo prbs led to accomplish less than liked in last 4 wks
N8SCQ6C[Q6C] SC: Emo prbs led to less care w work/activities in past 4wks
N8SCQ7[Q7] SC: Ext phys hlth/emo prbs diff w/fam friends in past 4 wks
N8SCQ8[Q8] SC: How much bodily pain had during the past 4 weeks?
N8SCQ9[Q9] SC: How much did pain interfere with norm work in past 4 wks
N8SCQ10A[Q10A] SC: Did you feel full of life?
N8SCQ10B[Q10B] SC: Have you been a very nervous person?
N8SCQ10C[Q10C] SC: Has felt so down in the dumps nothing could cheer up
N8SCQ10D[Q10D] SC: Have you felt calm and cheerful?
N8SCQ10E[Q10E] SC: Did you have a lot of energy?
N8SCQ10F[Q10F] SC: Have you felt downhearted and low?
N8SCQ10G[Q10G] SC: Did you feel worn out?
N8SCQ10H[Q10H] SC: Have you been a happy person?
N8SCQ10I[Q10I] SC: Did you feel tired?
N8SCQ10J[Q10J] SC: Health limited social activities (visiting friends etc.)
N8SCQ11A[Q11A] SC: I seem to get ill a little easier than other people
N8SCQ11B[Q11B] SC: I am as healthy as anybody I know
N8SCQ11C[Q11C] SC: I expect my health to get worse
N8SCQ11D[Q11D] SC: My health is excellent
N8SCQ12[Q12] SC: What was usual time taken to fall asleep in last 4 weeks
N8SCQ13[Q13] SC: Average number of hours sleep per night in last 4 weeks
N8SCQ14[Q14] SC: How often woke and trouble refalling asleep in past 4wks
N8SCQ15[Q15] SC: How oft slept enough to wake feeling rested in past 4wks
N8SCQ16A[Q16A] SC: None of political parties wd do anything to benefit me
N8SCQ16B[Q16B] SC: Environment probs are not as serious as people claim
N8SCQ16C[Q16C] SC: Having almost any job is better than being unemployed
N8SCQ16D[Q16D] SC: I would not mind working with people from other races
N8SCQ16E[Q16E] SC: Marriage is for life
N8SCQ16F[Q16F] SC: People who break law should be given stiffer sentences
N8SCQ16G[Q16G] SC: Working people do not get fair share of nation's wealth
N8SCQ16H[Q16H] SC: Wd pack in disliked job, even if no other job to go to
N8SCQ16I[Q16I] SC: Environmnt prbs shd be tackled even if slows econ growth
N8SCQ16J[Q16J] SC: School should teach children to obey authority
N8SCQ16K[Q16K] SC: Couples who have children should not separate
N8SCQ16L[Q16L] SC: All women shd have right to choose abortion if they wish
N8SCQ16M[Q16M] SC: I would not want a person from another race for my boss
N8SCQ16N[Q16N] SC: Politicians more in politics for self not community ben.
N8SCQ16O[Q16O] SC: There is one law for the rich and one for the poor
N8SCQ16P[Q16P] SC: Important to stay in job even if don't really like
N8SCQ16Q[Q16Q] SC: Management always trys to get the better of employees
N8SCQ16R[Q16R] SC: Wd not mind if family frm anoth race moved in next door
N8SCQ16S[Q16S] SC: For some crimes death penalty most appropriate sentence
N8SCQ16T[Q16T] SC: Not much diff which political party in power in Britain
N8SCQ16U[Q16U] SC: Preserving the environ most imp political issue today
N8SCQ17A[Q17A] SC: I feel like I belong to this neighbourhoood
N8SCQ17B[Q17B] SC: Friends/assoc with neighbourhood people mean a lot to me
N8SCQ17C[Q17C] SC: Could go to someone in neighbourhood for advice
N8SCQ17D[Q17D] SC: I borrow things and exchange favours with my neighbours
N8SCQ17E[Q17E] SC: Willing to work tog with others to improve neighbourhood
N8SCQ17F[Q17F] SC: Plans remaining resident of neighbourhood for num of yrs
N8SCQ17G[Q17G] SC: Likes to think of self similar to neighbourhood people
N8SCQ17H[Q17H] SC: Regularly stops and talks with people in neighbourhood
N8SCQ18[Q18] SC: How often do you talk to any of your neighbours
N8SCQ19A[Q19A] SC: My age prevents me from doing the things I would like to
N8SCQ19B[Q19B] SC: I feel what happens to me is out of my control
N8SCQ19C[Q19C] SC: I feel left out of things
N8SCQ19D[Q19D] SC: I can do the things I want to do
N8SCQ19E[Q19E] SC: Family responsibil prevent me from doing what want to do
N8SCQ19F[Q19F] SC: I feel that I can please myself what I do
N8SCQ19G[Q19G] SC: Shortage of money stops CM doing things wants to do
N8SCQ19H[Q19H] SC: I look forward to each day
N8SCQ19I[Q19I] SC: I feel that my life has meaning
N8SCQ19J[Q19J] SC: I enjoy the things that I do
N8SCQ19K[Q19K] SC: On balance I look back on life with sense of happiness
N8SCQ19L[Q19L] SC: I feel full of energy these days
N8SCQ19M[Q19M] SC: I feel that life is full of opportunities
N8SCQ19N[Q19N] SC: I feel that the future looks good for me
N8SCQ20A[Q20A] SC: Importance of having a lot of money
N8SCQ20B[Q20B] SC: Importance of having children
N8SCQ20C[Q20C] SC: Importance of having a fulfilling job
N8SCQ20D[Q20D] SC: Importance of having a good marriage or partnership
N8SCQ21[Q21] SC: Open question