W - Casi

N8INTCAS[INTRO] Intro to block: CASI
N8CASILN[CASIINT] CASI: Whether CM is willing to complete the CASI
N8CASILS[CASIINST] CASI: Handing computer over to CM
N8CAROWN[CAROWN] CASI: Number or cars owned
N8VOTE01[VOTE01] CASI: Whether voted in the General Election (May 2005)
N8VOTEWO[VOTEWHO] CASI: Party voted for in the General Election (May2005)
N8VOTENW[VOTENOW] CASI: Party that would vote for now
N8PRTYPP[PRTYSUPP] CASI: Extent to which supports party that would vote for
N8POLINT[POLINT] CASI: How interested is CM in politics
N8MENINT[MENSTINT] CASI: Intro to menstruation questions
N8CONTRC[CONTRAC] CASI: Whether takn contraceptive pill/injection/implant in last yr
N8CONTYP[CONTYPE] CASI: Type of contraceptive
N8OVOP[OVOP] CASI: Whether had operation to remove ovaries
N8OVOPB[OVOPBIO] CASI: Whether had op to remove remaining ovary (1st rep in biomed)
N8HYSTOP[HYSTOP] CASI: Whether had operation to remove uterus
N8HYOV1P[HYOV1OP] CASI: Whether had uterus and ovaries removed at the same time
N8HYOV2P[HYOV2OP] CASI: Whether had uterus and both ovaries removed at the same time
N8OVAGE[OVAGE] CASI: Age when had operation to remove one ovary
N8OVAGEB[OVAGEBIO] CASI: Age had operation to remove remaining ovary
N8OVMTH[OVMNTH] CASI: Month had operation to remvoe one ovary
N8OV2AGE[OV2AGE] CASI: Age when had operation to remove both ovaries
N8OV2MTH[OV2MNTH] CASI: Month had operation to remvoe one ovary
N8HYAGE[HYAGE] CASI: Age when had hysterectomy
N8HYMTH[HYMNTH] CASI: Month had operation to remvoe one ovary
N8HYOVAG[HYOVAGE] CASI: Age when had operation to remove uterus and ovaries
N8HYOVMT[HYOVMTH] CASI: Month had operation to remove uterus and both ovaries
N8MEN12M[MENS12M] CASI: If had period in last 12 months
N8MENSTP[MENSTP1] CASI: Reason periods stopped
N8MEN3M[MENS3M] CASI: If had period in last 3 months
N8MENAGE[MENSAGE] CASI: Age started last period
N8MENMTH[MENMNTH] CASI: Month started last period
N8MENTYP[MENSTYP] CASI: Whether periods changed in lst few yrs/yrs before lst period
N8MENREG[MENSREG] CASI: When change in menstruation first occurred
N8MENS01[MENSY1] CASI: Whether CM had trouble sleeping in last yr
N8SYMP01[SYMPROB1] CASI: Extent trouble sleeping caused problems in last yr
N8MENS02[MENSY2] CASI: Whether CM experienced joint aches & pains in last yr
N8SYMP02[SYMPROB2] CASI: Extent aches & pains in joints caused prob in last yr
N8MENS03[MENSY3] CASI: Whether CM experienced breast tenderness in last yr
N8SYMP03[SYMPROB3] CASI: Extent breast tenderness caused prob in last yr
N8MENS04[MENSY4] CASI: Whether CM experienced hot flushes in last yr
N8SYMP04[SYMPROB4] CASI: Extent hot flushes caused problems in last yr
N8MENS05[MENSY5] CASI: Whether CM experienced palpitations in last yr
N8SYMP05[SYMPROB5] CASI: Extent palpitations caused problems in last yr
N8MENS06[MENSY6] CASI: Whether CM experienced dizziness in last yr
N8SYMP06[SYMPROB6] CASI: Extent dizziness caused problems in last yr
N8MENS07[MENSY7] CASI: Wh CM experienced pins&needles in hands/ft in last yr
N8SYMP07[SYMPROB7] CASI: Extent pins&needles in hnds/ft caused prob in last yr
N8MENS08[MENSY8] CASI: Wh CM experienced skin crawling sensations in last yr
N8SYMP08[SYMPROB8] CASI: Ext. skin crawling sensations caused probs in last yr
N8MENS09[MENSY9] CASI: Whether CM experienced irritablility in last yr
N8SYMP09[SYMPROB9] CASI: Extent irritability caused problems in last yr
N8MENS10[MENSY10] CASI: Whether CM experienced anxiety/depression in last yr
N8SYMP10[SYMPRO10] CASI: Extent anxiety/depression caused problems in last yr
N8MENS11[MENSY11] CASI: Whether CM experienced tearfulness in last yr
N8SYMP11[SYMPRO11] CASI: Extent tearfulness caused problems in last yr
N8MENS12[MENSY12] CASI: Whether CM experienced feelings of panic in last yr
N8SYMP12[SYMPRO12] CASI: Extent feelings of panic caused problems in last yr
N8MENS13[MENSY13] CASI: Whether CM experienced forgetfulness in last yr
N8SYMP13[SYMPRO13] CASI: Extent forgetfulness caused problems in last yr
N8MENS14[MENSY14] CASI: Whether CM experienced cold/ night sweats in last yr
N8SYMP14[SYMPRO14] CASI: Extent cold/ night sweats caused problems in last yr
N8MENS15[MENSY15] CASI: Whether CM experienced vaginal dryness in last yr
N8SYMP15[SYMPRO15] CASI: Extent vaginal dryness caused problems in last yr
N8MENS16[MENSY16] CASI: Whether CM had difficulties w/ intercourse in last yr
N8SYMP16[SYMPRO16] CASI: Extent diffs with intercourse caused probs in last yr
N8MENS17[MENSY17] CASI: Wh CM experienced more frq passing of urine in lst yr
N8SYMP17[SYMPRO17] CASI: Ext more frq passing of urine caused probs in last yr
N8MENS18[MENSY18] CASI: Whether CM lost urine when didn't mean to in last yr
N8SYMP18[SYMPRO18] CASI: Ext lost urine whn not mean to caused probs in lst yr
N8MENS19[MENSY19] CASI: Whether CM experienced pain passing urine in last yr
N8SYMP19[SYMPRO19] CASI: Extent pain when passing urine caused probs in last yr
N8MENS20[MENSY20] CASI: Wh CM had freq severe headaches/migraine in last yr
N8SYMP20[SYMPRO20] CASI: Ext freq severe headache/migr caused probs in last yr
N8MENS21[MENSY21] CASI: Whether CM experienced any other symptoms in last yr
N8SYMP21[SYMPRO21] CASI: Extent other symptoms caused problems in last yr
N8MENS22CASI:other menopause symptom(backcoded):Irreg/betwn periods/prolonged bleeding
N8SYMP22[BCKCODE] CASI: Extent irregular bleeding caused problems in last yr
N8MENS23[MENSYX6] CASI: other menopause symptom (backcoded): Heavy bleeding/ anaemia
N8SYMP23[BCKCODE] CASI: Extent heavy bleeding/ anaemia caused problems in last yr
N8MENS24[MENSYX7] CASI: other menopause symptom (backcoded): Breathlessness
N8SYMP24[BCKCODE] CASI: Extent breathlessness caused problems in last yr
N8MENS25[MENSYX9] CASI: other menopause symptom (backcoded): Fainting/ nausea
N8SYMP25[BCKCODE] CASI: Extent fainting/ nausea caused problems in last yr
N8MENS94CASI:other menopause symptom(backcoded):Other specific answer not in codeframe
N8SYMP94[BCKCODE] CASI: Extent other specific symptom caused problems in last yr
N8MENS95[MENSYX95] CASI: other menopause symptom (backcoded): Vague or irrelevant answer
N8SYMP95[BCKCODE] CASI: Extent other vague or irrelevant symptom caused problems in last yr
N8HRTCUR[HRTCURR] CASI: Whether currently on HRT
N8HRTEVR[HRTEVER] CASI: Whether ever taken HRT
N8HRTMTH[HRTMNTH] CASI: In which month did CM start HRT
N8HRTPER[HRTPER] CASI: Whether periods stopped before started HRT
N8HRTPRA[HRTPERA] CASI: Age had last period before started HRT
N8HRTPRB[HRTPERB] CASI: Month of CM's last period before starting HRT
N8THANKS[THANKS] CASI: Thank CM for answering menstruation questions
N8AUDI02[AUDIT2] CASI: Number of alcoholic drinks CM has in typical day
N8AUDI03[AUDIT3] CASI: Frequency of six or more drinks on one occasion
N8AUDI04[AUDIT4] CASI: Freq CM unable to stop drinking once strted in last yr
N8AUDI05[AUDIT5] CASI: Frq drink caused CM failed to do as expctd in last yr
N8AUDI06[AUDIT6] CASI: Freq CM need drink first thing in morning in last yr
N8AUDI07[AUDIT7] CASI: Frequency CM felt guilt after drinking in last yr
N8AUDI08[AUDIT8] CASI: Frq drink made CM unable to rem prev night in last yr
N8AUDI09[AUDIT9] CASI: Whether CM/other injured due to CM drinking in last yr
N8AUDI10[AUDIT10] CASI: Wh rels/friends concern about CM drinking in last yr
N8MALINT[MALINT] CASI: Intro to malaise scale
N8MAL02[MAL02] CASI: Whether CM feels tired most of the time
N8MAL03[MAL03] CASI: Whether CM often feels miserable and depressed
N8MAL05[MAL05] CASI: Whether CM often gets worried about things
N8MAL09[MAL09] CASI: Whether CM often gets into a violent rage
N8MAL12[MAL12] CASI: Whether CM often suddenly scared for no good reason
N8MAL14[MAL14] CASI: Whether CM is easily upset or irritated
N8MAL16[MAL16] CASI: Whether CM is constantly keyed up and jittery
N8MAL20[MAL20] CASI: Whether every little thing gets on CM's nerves
N8MAL21[MAL21] CASI: Whether CM's heart often races like mad
N8RELSAT[RELSAT1] CASI: How happy relationship is with partner
N8WCOOKS[WHOCOOKS] CASI: Who prepares and cooks the main meal in the family
N8WSHOPS[WHOSHOPS] CASI: Who does the shopping in the family
N8WCLEAN[WHOCLEAN] CASI: Who cleans the home in the family
N8WWASH[WHOWASH] CASI: Who does the lanudry / ironing in the family
N8WDIY[WHODIY] CASI: Who does hh repairs / DIY / decorating in the family
N8WCASH[WHOCASH] CASI: Who looks after hhold money/ pays bills in the family
N8WTENDS[WHOTENDS] CASI: Who looks after children when ill in the family
N8WTEACH[WHOTEACH] CASI: Who teaches children good behaviour in the family
N8WCARES[WHOCARES] CASI: Who looks after the children in general in the family
N8COMINT[COMINTRO] CASI: Intro to job section of casi
N8COMJB1[COMJOB1] CASI: Whethr most imp things in CM's life relate to presjob
N8COMJB2[COMJOB2] CASI: Whether job is only small part of who CM is
N8COMJB3[COMJOB3] CASI: Whether CM personally involved in his/her job
N8COMJB5[COMJOB5] CASI: Whether most CM's interests centre around their job
N8PENINT[PENINTRO] CASI: Intro to pensions section of casi
N8PENSEC[PENSEC] CASI: Whether CM considers pension a more secure way of saving
N8PENWRK[PENWORK] CASI: Wh CM would do some paid work > state retirement age
N8WORRET[WORRYRET] CASI: Whether CM worries about income when retired
N8AFFSVR[AFFSVRET] CASI: Whether CM can't afford put money aside for retiremnt
N8RTFARO[RTFAROFF] CASI: Whether retirement too far off to cause CM concern
N8ENOULC[ENOULNC] CASI: Whether CM will have enough income when retired
N8NUMPER[NUMPERS] CASI: Number living in household at age 11
N8NUMRM[NUMROOM] CASI: Number of rooms in house at age 11
N8EFFIC1[EFFICAC1] CASI: Whether CM feels gets what he/she wants out of life
N8EFFIC2[EFFICAC2] CASI: Whether CM feels has control of his/her life
N8EFFIC3[EFFICAC3] CASI: Whether CM feels can run life as he/she wants
N8LIFET1[LIFESAT1] CASI: How satisfied CM is w/ way life has turned out so far
N8LIFET2[LIFESAT2] CASI: How satisfied CM expects to be with life 10 yrs' time