T - Height and Weight

Height and Weight
N8INTHTW[INTRO] Intro to block: Height and Weight
N8HEIGHT[HEIGHT] Units used to measure CM's height
N8HTMEES[HTMETRES] CM's height (whole metres)
N8HTCMS[HTCMS] CM's height (additional centimetres)
N8HTFEET[HTFEET] CM's height (whole feet)
N8HTINES[HTINCHES] CM's height (additional inches)
N8WEIGH2[WEIGHT] Units used to measure CM's weight
N8WTKIS2[WTKILOS] CM's weight (kilograms)
N8WTSTE2[WTSTONES] CM's weight (whole stones)
N8WTPOD2[WTPOUNDS] CM's weight (additional pounds)
N8WTASSS[WTASSESS] CM self-assessment of weight
N8CHGWT[CHANGEWT] Whether CM attempting to change weight
N8ENDHTW[ENDBLK] End of block: Height and Weight