R - Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and Drinking
N8INTSMK[INTRO] Intro to block: Smoking and Drinking
N8SMOKIG[SMOKING] Smoking frequency
N8NFCIGS[NOFCIGS] Smoking frequency per day
N8EXSMER[EXSMOKER] Whether has ever been a regular smoker
N8AGESTR[AGESTART] Age started smoking
N8AGEQUT[AGEQUIT] Age when last was a regular smoker
N8DRINKS[DRINKS] Frequency of drinking alcohol
N8BEER[BEER] Number of units of beer within the last seven days
N8SPIRIS[SPIRITS] Number of measures of spirits within the last seven days
N8WINE[WINE] Number of glasses of wine within the last seven days
N8SHERRY[SHERRY] Number glasses of fortified wine within the last seven days
N8OTHDNK[OTHDRINK] Other alcoholic drinks in the last seven days
N8ENDSMK[ENDSMK] End of block: Smoking and drinking