Q - Cognitive Function

Cognitive Function
N8INTCF[CFINT] Whether willing to take part in memory & concentration tasks
N8CFLSIT[CFLSINT] Whether the computer voice is audible
N8CFTEST[CFTEST] Whether word list read by computer of interviewer
N8WRDLST[WRDLST] CF: word list used for CM
N8CFLIST[CFLISST] CF: Instructions for word list task when read out by interviewer
N8CFLISN[CFLISEN] Number of words correctly recalled
N8CFANIT[CFANIST] Introduction to animal naming task
N8CFANI[CFANI] Number of animals mentioned
N8CFLET[CFLET] Introduction to letter cancellation task
N8CFLETN[CFLETEN] Whether letter cancellation task could be completed
N8CFROW[NROW] Letter cancellation: Row reached (1-26)
N8CFCOL[NCLM] Letter cancellation: Column reached (1-30)
N8CFCOR[NCORRECT] Letter cancellation: Num Ps and Ws CORRECTLY marked (0-65)
N8CFMIS[NMISSED] Letter cancellation accuracy score: Num Ps & Ws missed(0-65)
N8CFTOT[TOTPW] Letter cancellation: Number of Ps&Ws scanned (marked+missed)
N8CFRC[NROWCLM] Letter cancellation speed score: Total num letters scanned
N8CFLISD[CFLISD] Number of words recalled after delay
N8CFWHO1[CFWHO1] CF who else was present: noone else present
N8CFWHO2[CFWHO2] CF who else was present: respondent s spouse or partner
N8CFWHO3[CFWHO3] CF who else was present: other household member (adult)
N8CFWHO4[CFWHO4] CF who else was present: other household member (child)
N8CFWHO5[CFWHO5] CF who else was present: not a household member
N8CFIMP[CFIMP] Whether other factors impaired performance
N8CFWT01[CFWHATI1] CF performance impaired by: blind or poor eyesight
N8CFWT02[CFWHATI2] CF performance impaired by: deaf or hard of hearing
N8CFWT03[CFWHATI3] CF performance impaired by: too tired
N8CFWT04[CFWHATI4] CF performance impaired by: other illness/physical impairmnt
N8CFWT05[CFWHATI5] CF performance impaired by: impaired concentration
N8CFWT06[CFWHATI6] CF performance impaired by: very nervous or anxious
N8CFWT07[CFWHATI7] CF performance impaired by: has other mental impairment
N8CFWT08[CFWHATI8] CF performance impaired by: interruption eg phone/visitor
N8CFWT09[CFWHATI9] CF performance impaired by: noisy environment
N8CFWT10[CFWHAT10] CF performance impaired by: problems with the laptop
N8CFWT11[CFWHAT11] CF performance impaired by: difficulty understanding english
N8CFWT12[CFWHAT12] CF performance impaired by: other factor
N8CFTSETInterviewer: the cognitive function section is finished. please enter 1 here.
N8ENDCF[ENDBLK] End of block: Cognitive function