L - Partners Job

Partners Job
N8INTPJB[INTRO] Intro to block: Partners Job
N8PECAC2[PECONAC2] Part Job: Partner's current economic activity (recoded)
N8PANYB2[PANYJOB2] Part Job: Wh partner had paid job in last 3mths (recoded)
N8PJSUP[PJSUP] Part Job Emp: Wh partner has manager duties/ supervises empl
N8PJEMPS[PJEMPS] Part Job S/e: Wh partner works on own or has employees
N8PJNEMS[PJNEMPS] Part Job S/e: Number of people employed
N8PSERIN[PSEREGIN] Part Job S/e: Wh partner receives regular inc from this job
N8PSOC[SOC20003] Part Job: SOC2000 (with dots)
N8PXSOC[XSOC2002] Part Job: SOC2000 (without dots)
N8PINDN[INDEXNO3] Part Job: Index number of SOC2000 entry selected in coding index
N8PES200[ES2002] Part Job: Employment status
N8PSFLAG[SECFLAG3] Part Job: Indicator for status of SEC
N8PSEG[SEG3] Part Job: Socio-economic Group (old scheme)
N8PSC[SC3] Part Job: Social Class (old scheme)
N8PSOC90[SOC92] Part Job: SOC90 code from SOC2000 lookup file
N8PSSTAT[SOCSTAT3] Part Job: SOC90 reliability flag
N8PSIC3[SIC2005] Part Job: SIC 2003 code for industry
N8PNETPY[PNETPAY] Part Job: Partner's usual take-home pay (pounds)
N8PNETPD[PNETPRD] Part Job: Period partner's take-home pay covered
N8PNETWK[PNETWK] Part Job: Partners net pay - weekly amount (computed)
N8PPRENT[PPRESENT] Part Job: Whether partner was present during these questions
N8PANS[PANS] Part Job: Who answered questions about partner / spouse
N8ENDPJB[ENDPJOB] Part Job: End of block: Partners job