F - Health

F - Health
N516413MOTHER:11 Q38a) Health problem limitngregular school attendance
N516414MOTHER:11 Q38b) Health problem limiting normal schoolwork
N516415MOTHER:11 Q38c) Health problem limiting play/games/etc
N516416MOTHER:11 Q39a) Health problem needingattention from doctor, etc
N516417MOTHER:11 Q39b) Health problem needingprescribed medicines
N516418MOTHER:11 Q39c) Health problem needingspecial equipment
N516419MOTHER:11 Q40 CHECK: Any 'Yes' to Q38a-c/Q39a-c
N516420MOTHER:12 Q42 No. of years child had limiting health problems
N516422MOTHER:12 Q43 Any accidents/injuries needing medical attention
N516423MOTHER:12 Q44 No. of accidents/injuries
N516425MOTHER:12 Q45 Any accident/injury leadto hospital admission
N516426MOTHER:12 Q46 No. hospital admisions due to accident/injury
N516428MOTHER:12 Q47 Other hospital admissions
N516429MOTHER:12 Q48 No. other hospital admissions
N516431MOTHER:13 Q49 Age at time of longets hospital admission
N516433MOTHER:13 Q50 Length (days) of longesthospital admission
N516435MOTHER:13 Q52 Immunisation #1
N516437MOTHER:13 Q52 Immunisation #2
N516439MOTHER:13 Q52 Immunisation #3
N516443MOTHER:14 Q53a) German measles - Ever had
N516444MOTHER:14 Q53a) German measles - Age had
N516446MOTHER:14 Q53b) Measles - Ever had
N516447MOTHER:14 Q53b) Measles - Age had
N516449MOTHER:14 Q53c) Whooping cough - Ever had
N516450MOTHER:14 Q53c) Whooping cough - Age had
N516452MOTHER:14 Q53d) Chicken pox Ever had
N516453MOTHER:14 Q53d) Chicken pox - Age had
N516455MOTHER:14 Q53e) Mumps - Ever had
N516456MOTHER:14 Q53e) Mumps - Age had
N516458MOTHER:14 Q53f) Scarlet fever - Ever had
N516459MOTHER:14 Q53f) Scarlet fever - Age had
N516461MOTHER:14 Q53g) Any other infectious disease - Ever had
N516462MOTHER:14 Q53g) Other infectious disease #1 - Age had
N516464MOTHER:14 Q53g) Other infectious disease #2 - Age had
N516466MOTHER:14 Q53g) Other infectious disease #3 - Age had
N516513MOTHER:15 Q54a) Squint/suspected squint - Ever had
N516514MOTHER:15 Q54a) Squint/suspected squint - Age diagnosed
N516516MOTHER:15 Q54a) Squint/suspected squint - Still has
N516517MOTHER:15 Q54b) Other eye disorder - Ever had
N516518MOTHER:15 Q54b) Other eye disorder - Age diagnosed
N516520MOTHER:15 Q54b) Other eye disorder - Still has
N516521MOTHER:15 Q54c) Glasses - Ever worn
N516522MOTHER:15 Q54c) Glasses - Age prescribed
N516524MOTHER:15 Q54c) Glassses - Still wears
N516525MOTHER:15 Q54d) Poor hearing - Ever had
N516526MOTHER:15 Q54d) Poor hearing - Age diagnosed
N516528MOTHER:15 Q54d) Poor hearing - Still has
N516529MOTHER:15 Q54e) Other ear disorder - Ever had
N516530MOTHER:15 Q54e) Other ear disorder - Age diagnosed
N516532MOTHER:15 Q54e) Other ear disorder - Still has
N516533MOTHER:16 Q54f) Hearing aid - Ever prescribed
N516534MOTHER:16 Q54f) Hearing aid - Age prescribed
N516536MOTHER:16 Q54f) Hearing aid - Still has
N516537MOTHER:16 Q54g) Speech difficulty - Ever had
N516538MOTHER:16 Q54g) Speech difficulty - Age diagnosed
N516540MOTHER:16 Q54g) Speech difficulty - Still has
N516541MOTHER:16 Q54h) Speech therapy - Ever had
N516542MOTHER:16 Q54h) Speech therapy - Age first received
N516544MOTHER:16 Q54h) Speech therapy - Stillhas
N516545MOTHER:16 Q55 Child right/left handed
N516547MOTHER:16 Q56 Child completely dry at night
N516548MOTHER:16 Q57 Child completely dry by day
N516549MOTHER:16 Q58 Child has normal bowel control
N516550MOTHER:17 Q59 Ever had a menstrual period (girls =>5)
N516551MOTHER:17 Q60 Age had first menstrual period (girls =>5)
N516553MOTHER:17 Q61a Asthma/wheezing/whistling in chest - Ever had
N516554MOTHER:17 Q61b Asthma/wheezing/etc in chest - Age first attack
N516556MOTHER:17 Q61c Asthma/etc - How long since last attack
N516557MOTHER:17 Q61d Asthma/etc - No. attacks in last 12 months
N516558MOTHER:17 Q62a Asthma/etc - Ever wokenat night by attack
N516559MOTHER:17 Q62b Asthma/etc - When last woken at night by attack
N516560MOTHER:18 Q62c Asthma/etc - Speech ever limited by attack
N516561MOTHER:18 Q62d Asthma/etc - When speech last limited by attack
N516562MOTHER:18 Q63 Hayfever/sneezing attacks - Ever had
N516563MOTHER:18 Q64 Hayfever/sneezing attacks - Attack in past year
N516564MOTHER:18 Q65a Eczema - Ever had
N516565MOTHER:18 Q65b Eczema - Had in past year
N516613MOTHER:19 Q66a) Major convulsion (grand mal) - Ever had
N516614MOTHER:19 Q66a) Major convulsion - Ageat first attack
N516616MOTHER:19 Q66a) Major convulsion - Ageat last attack
N516618MOTHER:19 Q66b) Minor convulsion (petit mal) - Ever had
N516619MOTHER:19 Q66b) Minor convulsion - Ageat first attack
N516621MOTHER:19 Q66b) Minor convulsion - Ageat last attack
N516623MOTHER:19 Q66c) Mixed form of epilepsy- Ever had
N516624MOTHER:19 Q66c) Mixed epilepsy - Age first attack
N516626MOTHER:19 Q66c) Mixed epilepsy - Age at last attack
N516628MOTHER:19 Q66d) Fainting/blackouts - Ever had
N516629MOTHER:19 Q66d) Fainting/blackouts - Age at first attack
N516631MOTHER:19 Q66d) Fainting/blackouts - Age at last attack
N516633MOTHER:19 Q66e) Other attacks/turns - Ever had
N516634MOTHER:19 Q66e) Other attacks/turns - Age at first attack
N516636MOTHER:19 Q66e) Other attacks/turns - Age at last attack
N516638MOTHER:19 Q66f) Migraine/sick headaches - Ever had
N516639MOTHER:19 Q66f) Migraine/sick headaches - Age first attack
N516641MOTHER:19 Q66f) Migraine/sick headaches - Age at last attack
N516643MOTHER:20 Q67 Diabetes - Ever diagnosed
N516644MOTHER:20 Q68 Diabetes - Age first diagnosed
N516646MOTHER:20 Q69 Has any congenital heartcondition
N516647MOTHER:20 Q71 Seen psychiatrist/etc about behavioural/etc problem
N516648MOTHER:20 Q72 Behavioural/etc problem #1
N516650MOTHER:20 Q72 Behavioural/etc problem #2
N516652MOTHER:20 Q72 Behavioural/etc problem #3
N516654MOTHER:20 Q73 Behavioural/etc problems- Medicines taken
N516655MOTHER:21 Q74 Private insurance/etc covers child's health care
N516656MOTHER:21 Q75 Private insurance/etc used for child's treatment
N517449MI:12 Q41 Child's health condition/difficulty - Condition 1
N517452MI:12 Q41 Child's health condition/difficulty - Condition 2
N517455MI:12 Q41 Child's health condition/difficulty - Condition 3
N517458MI:13 Q51 Reason for longest admission to hospital
N517461MI:14 Q53g Other infectious disease -Disease 1
N517464MI:14 Q53g Other infectious disease -Disease 2
N517467MI:14 Q53g Other infectious disease -Disease 3
N517470MI:16 Q54g Description of child's speech difficulty
N517472MI:20 Q70 Form of heart condition - Condition 1
N517475MI:20 Q70 Form of heart condition - Condition 2