K - What You Think

How Do You Feel About Your Life
N509765WDYT:18,I1 Happiness - all things considered
N509766WDYT:18,I2 How well gets on with otherpeople
N509767WDYT:18,I3 Most people can be trusted/Can't be too careful
N509768WDYT:18,I4 Drawn into arguments/Manageto avoid arguments
N509769WDYT:18,I5 Never get what I want of life/Usually do
N509770WDYT:18,I6 Usually have control over life/Usually don't
N509771WDYT:19,I8 Satisfaction with way life has turned out so far
N509772WDYT:19,I7 Can run life as wants/Life's problems too much
N509774WDYT:19,I9 Satisfaction with life 10 years ago
N509776WDYT:19,I10 Expected satisfaction with life in 10 years (age 43)
How Do You Get on With Partner
N509721WDYT:13,G1 How happy is your relationship,all things considered
N509722WDYT:13,G2/1 Agree with partner about - 1 Family finances
N509723WDYT:13,G2/2 Agree with partner about - 2 Spare time
N509724WDYT:13,G2/3 Agree with partner about - 3 Showing affection
N509725WDYT:13,G2/4 Agree with partner about - 4 Liking same friends
N509726WDYT:13,G2/5 Agree with partner about - 5 Having sex together
N509727WDYT:13,G2/6 Agree with partner about - 6 Behaving correctly
N509728WDYT:13,G2/7 Agree with partner about - 7 Sharing household tasks
N509729WDYT:13,G2/8 Agree with partner about - 8 Outlook on life
N509730WDYT:13,G2/9 Agree with partner about - 9 Parents/in-laws
N509731WDYT:13,G2/10 Agree with partner about- 10 Planning a family
N509732WDYT:13,G2/11 Agree with partner about- 11 Raising children
N509733WDYT:14,G3 How disagreements with partner usually end
N509734WDYT:14,G4 Share any outside interestswith partner
N509735WDYT:14,G5 Leisure time: CM prefers tobe out & about/at home
N509736WDYT:14,G6 Leisure time: Partner prefers to be out & about/at home
N509737WDYT:14,G7 Ever wish you had not married (or cohabited)
N509738WDYT:14,G8 Would marry/other if had tolive life over again
N509739WDYT:14,G9 Shares problems with partner
N509740WDYT:15,G10/1 Preparing & cooking mainmeal - Who does
N509741WDYT:15,G10/2 Shopping - Who does
N509742WDYT:15,G10/3 Cleaning the home - Who does
N509743WDYT:15,G10/4 Laundry & ironing - Who does
N509744WDYT:15,G10/5 Household repairs,DIY,etc - Who does
N509745WDYT:15,G10/6 Looking after household money - Who does
N509746WDYT:15,G10/7 Looking after children when ill - Who does
N509747WDYT:15,G10/8 Teaching children good behaviour - Who does
N509748WDYT:15,G10/9 Looking after children -Who does
N509749WDYT:16,H1 How interested would you say you are in politics
N509750WDYT:16,H2/1 Contacted local/national politician in last 10 years
N509751WDYT:16,H2/2 Served as TU official/shop steward in last 10 years
N509752WDYT:16,H2/3 Voted in a local/nationalelection in last 10 years
N509753WDYT:16,H2/4 Stood in a picket line inlast 10 years
N509754WDYT:16,H2/5 Put proposal/etc TU/etc meeting in last 10 years
N509755WDYT:16,H2/6 Gone on strike in last 10years
N509756WDYT:16,H2/7 Attended any political meeting - In last 10 years
N509757WDYT:16,H2/8 Voted in TU/etc ballot inlast 10 years
N509758WDYT:16,H2/9 Been to TU/staff association in last 10 years
N509759WDYT:16,H2/10 Worked for political party/etc in last 10 years
N509760WDYT:17,H3/1 Sign a petition - Has done
N509761WDYT:17,H3/2 Join in boycotts - Has done
N509762WDYT:17,H3/3 Attend lawful demonstrations - Has done
N509763WDYT:17,H3/4 Join unofficial strikes -Has done
N509764WDYT:17,H3/5 Occupy buildings/factories - Has done
Social Relationships
N509531WDYT:3,B1b) Source 1: Advice about an important life change
N509532WDYT:3,B2b) Source 1: Help if had to stay in bed
N509533WDYT:3,B1b) Source 2: Advice about an important life change
N509534WDYT:3,B2b) Source 2: Help if had to stay in bed
N509535WDYT:3,B1b) Source 3: Advice about an important life change
N509536WDYT:3,B2b) Source 3: Help if you had the 'flu' had to stay in bed
N509537WDYT:3,B1b) Source 4: Advice about an important life change
N509538WDYT:3,B2b) Source 4: Help if had to stay in bed
N509539WDYT:4,B3b) Source 1: Help if need to borrow large sum of money
N509540WDYT:4,B4b) Source 1: Help if v upset with spouse/partner
N509541WDYT:4,B3b) Source 2: Help if need to borrow large sum of money
N509542WDYT:4,B4b) Source 2: Help if v upset with spouse/partner
N509543WDYT:4,B3b) Source 3: Help if need to borrow large sum of money
N509544WDYT:4,B4b) Source 3: Help if v upset with spouse/partner
N509545WDYT:4,B3b) Source 4: Help if need to borrow large sum of money
N509546WDYT:4,B4b) Source 4: Help if v upset with spouse/partner
N509547WDYT:5,B5b) Source 1: Help if a bit down or depressed
N509548WDYT:5,B6b) Source 1: Help with household/etc jobs can't do alone
N509549WDYT:5,B5b) Source 2: Help if a bit down or depressed
N509550WDYT:5,B6b) Source 2: Help with household/etc jobs can't do alone
N509551WDYT:5,B5b) Source 3: Help if a bit down or depressed
N509552WDYT:5,B6b) Source 3: Help with household/etc jobs can't do alone
N509553WDYT:5,B5b) Source 4: Help if a bit down or depressed
N509554WDYT:5,B6b) Source 4: Help with household/etc jobs can't do alone
Your Skills
N509618WDYT:9,E1a) Writing clearly - Self-rated ability
N509619WDYT:9,E1b) Writing clearly - Where skill used
N509620WDYT:9,E1c) Writing clearly - Change in last 10 years
N509621WDYT:9,E2a) Speaking clearly - Self-rated ability
N509622WDYT:9,E2b) Speaking clearly - Where skill used
N509623WDYT:9,E2c) Speaking clearly - Change in last 10 years
N509624WDYT:9,E3a) Using tools properly - Self-rated ability
N509625WDYT:9,E3b) Using tools properly - Where skill used
N509626WDYT:9,E3c) Using tools properly - Change in last 10 years
N509627WDYT:9,E4a) Reading plans/diagrams - Self-rated ability
N509628WDYT:9,E4b) Reading plans/diagrams - Where skill used
N509629WDYT:9,E4c) Reading plans/diagrams - Change in last 10 years
N509630WDYT:9,E5a) Constructing,etc things well - Self-rated ability
N509631WDYT:9,E5b) Constructing,etc things well - Where skill used
N509632WDYT:9,E5c) Constructing,etc things well - Change in last 10 yrs
N509633WDYT:9,E6a) Typing/using keyboard - Self-rated ability
N509634WDYT:9,E6b) Typing/using keyboard - Where skill used
N509635WDYT:9,E6c) Typing/using keyboard - Change in last 10 years
N509636WDYT:9,E7a) Using computer for problems/etc - Self-rated ability
N509637WDYT:9,E7b) Using computer for problems/etc - Where skill used
N509638WDYT:9,E7c) Using computer for problems/etc - Change in last 10 yrs
N509639WDYT:9,E8a) Caring for people - Self-rated ability
N509640WDYT:9,E8b) Caring for people - Where skill used
N509641WDYT:9,E8c) Caring for people - Changein last 10 years
N509642WDYT:10,E9a) Giving advice/support - Self-rated ability
N509643WDYT:10,E9b) Giving advice/support - Where skill used
N509644WDYT:10,E9c) Giving advice/support - Change in last 10 years
N509645WDYT:10,E10a) Teaching/instructing - Self-rated ability
N509646WDYT:10,E10b) Teaching/instructing - Where skill used
N509647WDYT:10,E10c) Teaching/instructing - Change in last 10 years
N509648WDYT:10,E11a) Supervising others - Self-rated ability
N509649WDYT:10,E11b) Supervising others - Where skill used
N509650WDYT:10,E11c) Supervising others - Change in last 10 years
N509651WDYT:10,E12a) Maths calculations - Self-rated ability
N509652WDYT:10,E12b) Maths calculations - Where skill used
N509653WDYT:10,E12c) Maths calculations - Change in last 10 years
N509654WDYT:10,E13a) Selling products/services - Self-rated ability
N509655WDYT:10,E13b) Selling products/services - Where skill used
N509656WDYT:10,E13c) Selling products/services - Change in last 10 years
N509657WDYT:10,E14a) Finance/accounts - Self-rated ability
N509658WDYT:10,E14b) Finance/accounts - Whereskill used
N509659WDYT:10,E14c) Finance/accounts - Change in last 10 years
N509660WDYT:10,E15a) Running an organisation,etc - Self-rated ability
N509661WDYT:10,E15b) Running an organisation,etc - Where skill used
N509662WDYT:10,E15c) Running an organisation,etc - Change in last 10 yrs
Your Views
N509513WDYT:1,A1 Must have job to feel full me*mber of society
N509514WDYT:1,A2 Big business benefits ownersat expense of workers
N509515WDYT:1,A3 Should be more women bosses in important jobs
N509516WDYT:1,A4 People like me have no say in what Govt does
N509517WDYT:1,A5 Women who do not have a job are dull
N509518WDYT:1,A6 Alright for different races to marry
N509519WDYT:1,A7 Being single provides fewer worries/tec
N509520WDYT:1,A8 If a child is ill,mother should take time off work
N509521WDYT:2,A9 Management will always try to get the better of employees
N509522WDYT:2,A10 Can have satisfying relationship without children
N509523WDYT:2,A11 Environment problems not asserious as claimed
N509524WDYT:2,A12 Being a housewife is as fulfilling as working for pay
N509525WDYT:2,A13 Can get satisfaction out oflife without having job
N509526WDYT:2,A14 Women should have same training/career chances as men
N509527WDYT:2,A15 The law should be obeyed even if wrong
N509528WDYT:2,A16 Environment more important than economic growth
N509529WDYT:2,A17 Would not mind if 50% of child's school from other race
N509530WDYT:2,A18 Marriage without children is not fully complete
Your Views 2
N509555WDYT:6,C1 Men & women should do same jobs around house
N509556WDYT:6,C2 Ordinary people don't get fair share of nation's wealth
N509557WDYT:6,C3 Would not expect partner always to be faithful
N509558WDYT:6,C4 Would not mind working with other races
N509559WDYT:6,C5 Almost any job is better than being unemployed
N509560WDYT:6,C6 For some crimes death penalty is most appropriate sentence
N509561WDYT:6,C7 If both work FT,man should take equal share of chores
N509562WDYT:6,C8 Doesn't make much differencewhich party in power
N509563WDYT:6,C9 Women should have right to choose abortion
N509564WDYT:7,C10 Divorce too easy to get these days
N509565WDYT:7,C11 Everyone should arrange ownprivate health care
N509566WDYT:7,C12 Children seriously interfere with freedom parents
N509567WDYT:7,C13 Preserving environment is most important political issue
N509568WDYT:7,C14 Alright have children without being married
N509569WDYT:7,C15 Private schools should be abolished
N509570WDYT:7,C16 Needs of children more important than own
N509571WDYT:7,C17 Pcak in job didn't like,even if no job to go to
N509572WDYT:7,C18 Married people generally happier than unmarried people
N509573WDYT:7,C19 Would not want a woman to be my boss
Your Views 3
N509663WDYT:11,F1 One law for rich & one for poor
N509664WDYT:11,F2 Hang on to a job even if you don't really like it
N509665WDYT:11,F3 Marriage is for life
N509666WDYT:11,F4 Less important for a woman to work than for a man
N509667WDYT:11,F5 Politicians mainly in politics for own benefit
N509668WDYT:11,F6 Censorship necessary to uphold moral standards
N509669WDYT:11,F7 Marriage gives you economicsecurity
N509670WDYT:11,F8 Young don't have enough respect for traditional values
N509671WDYT:11,F9 Wives who don't have to work should not do so
N509672WDYT:11,F10 Would not want a person from other race to be boss
N509713WDYT:12,F11 Men & women should have chance to do same kind of work
N509714WDYT:12,F12 Govt should redistribute income from better-off
N509715WDYT:12,F13 No political party would do anything to benefit me
N509716WDYT:12,F14 Law breakers should be given stiffer sentences
N509717WDYT:12,F15 Couples who have children should not separate
N509718WDYT:12,F16 Wouldn't mind if family from other race moved next door
N509719WDYT:12,F17 Being single gives time toexperience life,etc
N509720WDYT:12,F18 Schools should teach children to obey authority
Your Work
N509613WDYT:8,D1 Work requires me to keep learning new things
N509614WDYT:8,D2 Work is monotonous because always do same things
N509615WDYT:8,D3 Present work skills will be useful/valuable in 5 years
N509616WDYT:8,D4 I am able to vary my the pace at which I work
N509617WDYT:8,D5 I can only take breaks at certain times