F - Work

F - Work
WORKFASTSC1 (F1): Do you have to work very fast
WKINTENSSC1 (F2): Do you have to work very intensively
NUFFTIMESC1 (F3): Do you have enough time to do everything
WORKNEWSC1 (F4): Do you have a possibility of learning new things through work
WKSKILLSC1 (F5): Does you work demand a high level of skill
WKHOWSC1 (F6): Do you have a choice in deciding how you do your work
WKWHATSC1 (F7): Do you have a choice in deciding what you do at work
WKVARYSC1 (F8): Does your job provide you with a variety of interesting things
PAIDWORKSC1 (F9): Are you in paid work either full or part time
WORKHRSSC1 (F10): How many hours do you work per average week in your main job
OTHERWKSC1 (F11): Do you have any other paid employment in addition to main job
WKSECURESC1 (F12): How secure do you feel your present job is
WORKSAYSC1 (F13): When working how often do you have a good deal of say in decisions
WKCONFLSC1 (F14): Do groups at work demand things that you think are hard to combine
COLLHELPSC1 (F15a): How often do you get help from your colleagues
COLLISTSC1 (F15b): How often are your colleagues willing to listen to work problems
BOSSLISTSC1 (F15c): How often is your superior willing to listen to your problems