R - Derived Variables

The main survey was conducted by a nurse

Derived Variables
SMOK42_1(Derived): Smoking at 42 codes 0 to 2
SMOK42_2(Derived): Smoking at 42 codes 0 to 6
SC42_1(Derived): Social Class at 42
SC0_1(Derived): Social Class at birth
REG0_58(Derived): Region at birth (based on pre-1974 regions)
REG46_58(Derived): Region at age 46 (based on pre-1974 regions)
REG46_04(Derived): Region at age 46 (based on post-1974 regions)
BRESPS0(Derived): Final outcome code
BRESPS1(Derived): Summary of cohort, issued sample and response to biomed
BRESPS2(Derived): NCDS biomedical response - all cohort