Q - Admin and Consents

The main survey was conducted by a nurse

Admin and Consents
AINTLENInterview length for Part 1
NURSENOnurse number recoded
Final Admin
WHOUTWaist Hip outcome.
WRELwaist measurement reliable?
WPROBProblems likely to affect reliability of waist measure
HRELHip measurement reliable
HPROBProblems likely to affect reliability of hip measure
BSOUTBlood Sample outcome.
BPOUTBP outcome.
NEARVOUTNear vision outcome
DISTROUTDistance vision right eye outcome - not
DISTLOUTDistance vision left eye outcome - not v
DIMPROUTDistance vision right eye - visually imp
DIMPLOUTDistance vision Left eye - visually impa
PINROUTDistance vision right eye with pinhole o
PINLOUTDistance vision left eye with pinhole ou
REFOUTRefractometry outcome
AUDOUTHearing threshold - outcome
AUDACCBackground Noise outcome
LFOUTLung Function outcome.
HTOUTStanding height measure outcome
HTRELstanding height measurement reliable?
SITOUTSitting height measure outcome
WTOUTWeight measure outcome
WTRELWeight measurement reliable?
SSOUTSaliva Sample outcome.
VISMEAConsent to have near/distance vision mea
BPMEAConsent to have bp measured
HEARMEAConsent to have hearing measured
HTMEAConsent to have height/sitting height me
WTMEAConsent to have weight height measured
WHMEAConsent to have waist and hip measured
LFMEAConsent to have Lung Function measured
CIDIMEAConsent to do cidi section
SSMEAConsent to give saliva sample
CONVISConsent to send Vision/stereopsis result
CONAUDConsent to send hearing results to GP
CONHTWTConsent to send height/weight results to
CONWHConsent to send waist/hip results to GP
CONBPConsent to send blood pressure results t
CONLFConsent to send Lung Function results to
BLCMEAConsent to have blood taken
CONBSConsent to send Blood results to GP
BLSMEAconsent to store blood
BLDNAMEAConsent to extract DNA
BLCELMEAConsent to do cell cultures
CONORConsent to send Blood results to respond
CONARCHconsent for the results to be deposited
CONNHSConsent to NHS information
AREFSLIPRefractometer slip
GP Feedback
GPREGRegistered with GP
GPVISSend vision results to GP
GPBPSend BP results to GP
GPHEARSend hearing results to GP
GPHTWTSend height and weight results to GP
Cohort Member


ValueLabelFreq. % 
1Yes8732 94.3 
2No532 5.7 
-2No CAPI  
-1Not applicable  
GPWHSend waist and hip results to GP
GPLFSend Lung Function results to GP
GPBLSend blood results to GP
RESPRESSend blood results to CM
ARCHOKConsent to ESRC archive
NHSOKConsent to access NHS records
SCOMP1Self-completion 1 (Lilac)
SCOMP2Self-completion 1 (Yellow)