O - Medications

The main survey was conducted by a nurse

NUMMEDSNumber of medicines coded
MEDTYP1Medicine taken for gastro-intestinal system?
MEDTYP2Medicine taken for cardio-vascular system?
MEDTYP3Medicine taken for respiratory system?
MEDTYP4Medicine taken for central nervous system?
MEDTYP5Medicine taken for infection?
MEDTYP6Medicine taken for endocrine system?
MEDTYP7Medicine taken for obs/gynae/urinary tract disorders?
MEDTYP8Medicine taken for malignant disease/immunosupression?
MEDTYP9Medicine taken for nutrition/blood?
MEDTYP10Medicine taken for musculo-skeletal or joint diseases?
MEDTYP11Eye medicine taken?
MEDTYP12Medicine taken for ear, nose or oropharynx?
MEDTYP13Medicine for skin taken?
MEDTYP14Other medication taken?