L - Blood Sampling

The main survey was conducted by a nurse

Blood Sampling
BLCONS1Blood consent: any questions asked
BLCONS21Consent to blood sample 1
BLCONS22Consent to blood sample 2
BLCONS23Consent to blood sample 3
BLCONS24Consent to blood sample 4
CLOTBClotting or bleeding disorder, taking anti-coagulents
BFITFit in last three years
CONSUBWhen last ate
REFBSC1Why blood sample refused (1)
REFBSC2Why blood sample refused (2)
REFBSC3Why blood sample refused (3)
REFBSC4Why blood sample refused (4)
REFBSC5Why blood sample refused (5)
REFBSC6Why blood sample refused (6)
TIMECHK1Time before takesam
TIMECHK2Time before sampf1
TIMECHK3Time after sampf4
SAMPF1Red EDTA tube filled or partly filled
SAMPF2Green citrate tube filled or partly filled
SAMPF3White serum tube filled or partly filled
SAMPF4Yellow CPDA tube filled or partly filled
SAMPTAKBlood sample outcome
SAMPARMWhich arm blood taken from
SAMDIFC1Record any problems in taking blood sample (1)
SAMDIFC2Record any problems in taking blood sample (2)
SAMDIFC3Record any problems in taking blood sample (3)
SAMDIFC4Record any problems in taking blood sample (4)
CSAMDIF1Problems in taking blood sample (backcoded 1)
CSAMDIF2Problems in taking blood sample (backcoded 2)
CSAMDIF3Problems in taking blood sample (backcoded 3)
Cohort Member


ValueLabelFreq. % 
7Editor:Part of answer can t be backcoded1 100.0 
-2Not recorded - CAPI lost  
-1Not applicable  
1No problem0 0.0 
2Incomplete sample0 0.0 
3Collapsing/poor veins0 0.0 
4Second attempt necessary0 0.0 
5Some blood obtained, but cohort member f0 0.0 
6Unable to use tourniquet0 0.0 
NOBSC1Why no blood obtained (1)
NOBSC2Why no blood obtained (2)
NOBSC3Why no blood obtained (3)
NOBSC4Why no blood obtained (4)