J - Lung Function

The main survey was conducted by a nurse

Derived Variables
HTPF2Highest PF
Lung Function
NOTWILLFCheck if no Lung Function consent
LFCON2Amended Lung Function consent
NOTESTFNo Lung Function measure to be done
NOREADFlag for no LF readings: was the first FVC coded 9.95
FVCFVC 1st measurement
FEVFEV 1st measurement
PFPeak flow 1st measurement
TECHNIQULF technique 1
FVC2FVC 2nd measurement
FEV2FEV 2nd measurement
PF2Peak flow 2nd measurement
TECHNIQ2LF technique 2
FVC3FVC 3rd measurement
FEV3FEV 3rd measurement
PF3Peak flow 3rd measurement
TECHNIQ3LF technique 3
FVC4FVC 4th measurement
FEV4FEV 4th measurement
PF4Peak flow 4th measurement
TECHNIQ4LF technique 4
FVC5FVC 5th measurement
FEV5FEV 5th measurement
PF5Peak flow 5th measurement
Cohort Member

TECHNIQ5LF technique 5
NLSATLFSatisfatory blows?
HTFVCFVC (Highest technically satisfactory value)
HTFEVFEV (Highest technically satisfactory value)
HTPFPF (Highest technically satisfactory value)
SUM1Sum of FVC and FEV 1st blow
SUM2Sum of FVC and FEV 2nd blow
SUM3Sum of FVC and FEV 3rd blow
MAX1Maximum of SUM1 to SUM3
BESTTESTBest of first 3 SUM attempts
NEXTBESTNext Best of first 3 SUM attempts
VARIATIOVariation in besttest and nextbest
DONE33 technically acceptably blows reached out of 5
FIRST3First 3 technically acceptable blows reached
FOURBLOWFour blows obtained
YNOLFWhy no LF measured
HASURGAbdominal or chest surgery in past 3 weeks
HASTROHospital for heart complaint in past 6 weeks
LFCODE2No Lung Function measure to be done
CHESTINFChest infection in past three weeks
BINHALERInhaler used in last 24 hours
INHALHRSHours since used inhaler
SPIRNOSpirometer serial number
LFSTANDMeasurements taken while CM standing or sitting
LFRESPBlows attempted or obtained
PROBLF1Why less than 5 blows obtained 1
PROBLF2Why less than 5 blows obtained 2
PROBLF3Why less than 5 blows obtained 3
CPROBLF1Why less than 5 blows obtained (backcoded)
NOATTLFReason why lung function measurement failed