I - Waist and Hip Measurements

The main survey was conducted by a nurse

Derived Variables
WRESWaist result/measure
HIPRESHip result/measure
Waist and Hip Measurements
NOTWILWHCheck if no waist and hip consent
WHCON2Amended waist and hip consent
NOTESTWHNo waist and hip measure to be done
WHINTROWhether waist and hip measured
WAISTWaist circumference in cms
HIPHip circumference in cms
DONEHIPWaist measured
DONEWSTHips measured
RESPWHWaist and hip measues obtained
YNOWH1Why waist and hip not both obtained
WJRELWhether waist measure reliable
PROBWJWhat problems experienced with waist measure
HJRELWhether hip measure reliable
PROBHJWhat problems experienced with hip measure