H - Weight

The main survey was conducted by a nurse

Derived Variables
WTRESWeight result/measure
WTESTWeight result - estimated
RESPWTSWhether weight measured
BWEIGHTWeight in Kg
RESNWTWhy weight measure refused
NOWTBCWhy weight measure not obtained
EWTCHWeight estimate given
EWTKGEstimated weight in kilos
EWTSTEstimated weight in stones
EWTLEstimated weight in pounds
ESTWTFinal measured or estimated weight (kg),
FLOORC1Scales placed on (1)
FLOORC2Scales placed on (2)
RELWAITBWeight measure reliable
NOTWILLWCheck if no weight consent
WTCON2Amended weight consent
NOTESTWNo weight measure to be done
WTSNSerial Number of scales