D - Blood Pressure Tests

The main survey was conducted by a nurse

Blood Pressure Tests
NOTWILBPCheck if no BP consent
BPCON2Amended BP consent
NOBPCohort member pregnant - no BP measure
NOTESTBPNo BP measurement to be taken
CONSUBX1BP: done in last 30 mins 1
CONSUBX2BP: done in last 30 mins 2
CONSUBX3BP: done in last 30 mins 3
PREGMESNo BP measure because pregnant
AIRTEMPAmbient air temperature
OMRONNOOmron serial number
CUFSIZECuff size
PULSEPulse 1
SYSSystolic 1
DIASDiastolic 1
FULLAll readings OK.
PULSE2Pulse 2
SYS2Systolic 2
DIAS2Diastolic 2
FULL2All readings OK.
PULSE3Pulse 3
SYS3Systolic 3
DIAS3Diastolic 3
FULL3All readings OK.
YNOBPWhy no BP measure recorded
RESPBPSHow many BP measures recorded
NATTBPD1Why BP measure refused or not attempted 1
NATTBPD2Why BP measure refused or not attempted 2
NATTBPD3Why BP measure refused or not attempted 3
NATTBPD4Why BP measure refused or not attempted 4
CNATTBP1Why BP measure refused or not attempted (backcoded 1)
CNATTBP2Why BP measure refused or not attempted (backcoded 2)
Cohort Member


ValueLabelFreq. % 
5Problems with Cuff fitting/painful1 100.0 
-3Not applicable  
-2Not recorded - CAPI lost  
-1Not applicable, no consent  
1Problems with PC0 0.0 
2Cohort member upset/anxious/nervous0 0.0 
3Error reading0 0.0 
4editor: Part of answer can t be backcode0 0.0 
6Problems with Omron readings (zeros, no0 0.0 
7Refused, no reason@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/0 0.0 
8Not used0 0.0 
9Not used0 0.0 
10Not used0 0.0 
11Not used0 0.0 
12Not used0 0.0 
Derived Variables
SYSRES1systolic reading - blood pressure
SYSRES2systolic reading - blood pressure
SYSRES3systolic reading - blood pressure
DIASRES1Diastolic reading - blood pressure
DIASRES2Diastolic reading - blood pressure
DIASRES3Diastolic reading - blood pressure
PULSRES1Pulse reading - blood pressure
PULSRES2Pulse reading - blood pressure
PULSRES3Pulse reading - blood pressure