D - Blood Pressure Tests

The main survey was conducted by a nurse

Blood Pressure Tests
NOTWILBPCheck if no BP consent
BPCON2Amended BP consent
NOBPCohort member pregnant - no BP measure
NOTESTBPNo BP measurement to be taken
CONSUBX1BP: done in last 30 mins 1
CONSUBX2BP: done in last 30 mins 2
CONSUBX3BP: done in last 30 mins 3
PREGMESNo BP measure because pregnant
AIRTEMPAmbient air temperature
OMRONNOOmron serial number
CUFSIZECuff size
PULSEPulse 1
SYSSystolic 1
DIASDiastolic 1
FULLAll readings OK.
PULSE2Pulse 2
SYS2Systolic 2
DIAS2Diastolic 2
FULL2All readings OK.
PULSE3Pulse 3
SYS3Systolic 3
DIAS3Diastolic 3
FULL3All readings OK.
YNOBPWhy no BP measure recorded
RESPBPSHow many BP measures recorded
NATTBPD1Why BP measure refused or not attempted 1
NATTBPD2Why BP measure refused or not attempted 2
NATTBPD3Why BP measure refused or not attempted 3
NATTBPD4Why BP measure refused or not attempted 4
CNATTBP1Why BP measure refused or not attempted (backcoded 1)
Cohort Member


ValueLabelFreq. % 
2Cohort member upset/anxious/nervous2 22.2 
3Error reading1 11.1 
5Problems with Cuff fitting/painful5 55.6 
6Problems with Omron readings (zeros, no1 11.1 
-3Not applicable  
-2Not recorded - CAPI lost  
-1Not applicable, no consent  
1Problems with PC0 0.0 
4editor: Part of answer can t be backcode0 0.0 
7Refused no reason0 0.0 
8Not used0 0.0 
9Not used0 0.0 
10Not used0 0.0 
11Not used0 0.0 
12Not used0 0.0 
CNATTBP2Why BP measure refused or not attempted (backcoded 2)
Derived Variables
SYSRES1systolic reading - blood pressure
SYSRES2systolic reading - blood pressure
SYSRES3systolic reading - blood pressure
DIASRES1Diastolic reading - blood pressure
DIASRES2Diastolic reading - blood pressure
DIASRES3Diastolic reading - blood pressure
PULSRES1Pulse reading - blood pressure
PULSRES2Pulse reading - blood pressure
PULSRES3Pulse reading - blood pressure