A - Inroduction

The main survey was conducted by a nurse

NURDATEMMonth of Interview
NURDATEYYear of Interview
PAGEAge last birthday
BDMBLBlind (from sample data)
BDMPSPartially sighted (from sample data)
BDMDFDeaf (from sample data)
BDMHRHearing problems (from sample data)
BDMLNLearning difficulties (from sample data)
BDMPHPhysically disabled (from sample data)
BDMSPSpeech difficulty (from sample data)
DMHTHeight measured at age 33
DMREReading difficulty (from sample data)
DLSTINTMMonth of Interview in 1999/2000
DLSTINTYYear of Interview in 1999/2000
MEASQAny questions before signing consent(s)?
WHOCWaist Hip outcome.
BSOCBlood Sample outcome.
BPOCBP outcome.
NEARVOCNear vision outcome
DISTROCDist vision outcome: right eye not visually impaired
DISTLOCDist vision outcome: left eye not visually impaired
DIMPROCDist vision outcome: right eye visually impaired
DIMPLOCDist vision outcome: left eye visually impaired
PINROCDist vision outcome: right eye pinhole
PINLOCDist vision outcome: left eye pinhole
REFOCAutorefractor outcome
AUDOCHearing threshold outcome
LFOCLung Function outcome.
HTOCStanding height measure outcome
SITOCSitting height measure outcome
WTOCWeight measure outcome