T - Exercise

ND7EXDN(Derived) Completed exercise questions
N7EXERS1Whether exercises regularly
N7BREALSFrequency of exercising
N7SWEATFrequency of getting out of breath when exercising
ND7CGDN(Derived) Completed involvement in clubs and groups questions
ND7YOUTH(Derived) Involved in youth or childrens activities since last interview
ND7POLIT(Derived) Politics, human rights or religious groups since last interview
ND7ECO(Derived) Involved in environmental or animal concerns since last interview
ND7OTHV(Derived) Participated in other voluntary or charity groups since last interview
ND7LOCAL(Derived) Taken part in community or neighbourhood groups since last interview
ND7HOBBY(Derived) Involved in hobbies, recreation, arts or social clubs
ND7TU(Derived) Took part in Trade Union activity since last interview
ND7SC(Derived) Involved in sports, health or wellbeing clubs since last interview
ND7OTHG(Derived) Involved in other groups or clubs or orgs since last interview
ND7NONE(Derived) No group activities since last interview
N7FUNOFTFrequency of participation in groups, clubs or organisations
N7RNOWEQFrequency of attending religious services
ND7RALLY(Derived) Attended a public meeting or rally in the last 12 months
ND7DEMO(Derived) Taken part in a public demonstration or protest in the last 12 months
ND7PETI(Derived) Signed a petition inn the last 12 months
ND7PRNON(Derived) No rallys, demos or petitions in the last 12 months
ND7NPR(Derived) Number of types of political participation in last 12 months