L - Family Income

Family Income
ND7FIDN(Derived) Completed family income questions
N7IAMTAnnual income from all sources before tax deductions
N7ESTINCAnnual income from all sources before tax deductions (estimate)
N7SAVEWhether Cohort Member (and partner) save any amount of their income
N7SAVERGWhether Cohort Member (and partner) save on a regular basis
N7FINNOWPersonal assessment of financial situation
ND7INC01(Derived) Income from earnings from employment or self-employment
ND7INC02(Derived) Income from pension from a former employer
ND7INC03(Derived) Income from state Pension
ND7INC04(Derived) Income from Child Benefit
ND7INC05(Derived) Income from Income Support
ND7INC06(Derived) Income from other State Benefits
ND7INC07(Derived) Income from Tax Credits
ND7INC08(Derived) Income from interest from savings etc
ND7INC09(Derived) Income from other kinds of regular allowance from outside HH
ND7INC10(Derived) Income from other sources (e.g. rent)
ND7INC11(Derived) No income
ND7IAMTC(Derived) (Derived) Annual income from all sources before tax (by cat.)