K - Wider Family

Wider Family
ND7ORDN(Derived) Completed other relatives questions
ND7MALIV(Derived) Whether cohort member's mother alive (incl sw 6 data)
ND7PALIV(Derived) Whether cohort member's father alive (incl sw 6 data)
ND7PMALI(Derived) Whether mother of Cohort member's partner is alive (incl sw 6 data)
ND7PPALI(Derived) Whether father of cohort member's partner is alive (incl sw 6 data)
ND7PER01(Derived) Most likely to ask husband/wife/partner for help
ND7PER02(Derived) Most likely to ask boyfriend for help
ND7PER03(Derived) Most likely to ask girlfriend for help
ND7PER04(Derived) Most likely to ask mother for help
ND7PER05(Derived) Most likely to ask father for help
ND7PER06(Derived) Most likely to ask brother for help
ND7PER07(Derived) Most likely to ask sister for help
ND7PER08(Derived) Most likely to ask a female friend for help
ND7PER09(Derived) Most likely to ask a male friend for help
ND7PER10(Derived) Most likely to ask a neighbour for help
ND7PER11(Derived) Most likely to ask spou/partner's mother for help
ND7PER12(Derived) Most likely to ask spou/partner's father for help
ND7PER13(Derived) Most likely to ask spou/partner's sister for help
ND7PER14(Derived) Most likely to ask spou/partner's brother for help
ND7PER15(Derived) Most likely to ask daughter for help
ND7PER16(Derived) Most likely to ask son for help
ND7PER17(Derived) Most likely to ask other female relative for help
ND7PER18(Derived) Most likely to ask other male relative for help
ND7PER19(Derived) Most likely to ask another female person for help
ND7PER20(Derived) Most likely to ask an other male person for help
ND7PER21(Derived) Most likely to ask an other person for help
ND7PER22(Derived) Other answer
ND7PER23(Derived) Would prefer not to ask for help
N7EMOSUFWhether could talk frankly and share feelings with person
ND7NSUP(Derived) Number of people would most turn to for support (default is 1)
N7CAREWhether Cohort Member looks after sick / disabled person
ND7CAR01(Derived) Looks after spouse / partner
ND7CAR02(Derived) Looks after daughter / son
ND7CAR03(Derived) Looks after parent / parent-in-law
ND7CAR04(Derived) Looks after grandparent
ND7CAR05(Derived) Looks after aunt / uncle
ND7CAR06(Derived) Looks after friend or neighbour
ND7CAR07(Derived) Looks after client(s) of voluntary organisation
ND7CAR08(Derived) Looks after brother / sister
ND7CAR09(Derived) Looks after other relative
ND7CAR10(Derived) Looks after other relative of spouse / partner
ND7CAR11(Derived) Looks after other unrelated person
N7CARETNumber of hours per week spent looking after person(s)
ND7NCAR(Derived) Number of sick, disabled or elderly people they care for