C - Household Information

Household Information
SEXSTD(Non-proxy) CM gender
SEXSTD2(Non-proxy) Person2 gender
SEXSTD3(Non-proxy) Person3 gender
SEXSTD4(Non-proxy) Person4 gender
SEXSTD5(Non-proxy) Person5 gender
SEXSTD6(Non-proxy) Person6 gender
SEXSTD7(Non-proxy) Person7 gender
SEXSTD8(Non-proxy) Person8 gender
SEXSTD9(Non-proxy) Person9 gender
SEXSTD10(Non-proxy) Person10 gender
AGESTD(Non-proxy) CM age last birthday
AGESTD2(Non-proxy) Person2 age last birthday
AGESTD3(Non-proxy) Person3 age last birthday
AGESTD4(Non-proxy) Person4 age last birthday
AGESTD5(Non-proxy) Person5 age last birthday
AGESTD6(Non-proxy) Person6 age last birthday
AGESTD7(Non-proxy) Person7 age last birthday
AGESTD8(Non-proxy) Person8 age last birthday
AGESTD9(Non-proxy) Person9 age last birthday
AGESTD10(Non-proxy) Person10 age last birthday
MSSTD(Non-proxy) CM Current partnership status
MSSTD2(Non-proxy) Person2 Current partnership status
MSSTD3(Non-proxy) Person3 Current partnership status
MSSTD4(Non-proxy) Person4 Current partnership status
MSSTD5(Non-proxy) Person5 Current partnership status
MSSTD6(Non-proxy) Person6 Current partnership status
MSSTD7(Non-proxy) Person7 Current partnership status
MSSTD8(Non-proxy) Person8 Current partnership status
MSSTD9(Non-proxy) Person9 Current partnership status
MSSTD10(Non-proxy) Person10 Current partnership status
RELSTD(Non-proxy) Relationship to CM (always blank for CM)
RELSTD2(Non-proxy) Person2 Relationship to CM
RELSTD3(Non-proxy) Person3 Relationship to CM
RELSTD4(Non-proxy) Person4 Relationship to CM
RELSTD5(Non-proxy) Person5 Relationship to CM
RELSTD6(Non-proxy) Person6 Relationship to CM
RELSTD7(Non-proxy) Person7 Relationship to CM
RELSTD8(Non-proxy) Person8 Relationship to CM
RELSTD9(Non-proxy) Person9 Relationship to CM
RELSTD10(Non-proxy) Person10 Relationship to CM
CMSEXST(Non-proxy) Interviewer check on CM gender
RENAMSTD(Non-proxy) Interviewer: record name change on ARF
NORMSTD(Non-proxy) Does CM usually live at this address?
RESIDSTD(Non- proxy) Type of accommodation